Passive Voice



Do you know about passive voice? There are a lot of ways to show material of passive voice. The passive voice is used show interest in the person or object that experiences an action rather than the person or object that performs the action.







Today you will learn passive voice . Let's get started!



Go to page , read and listen to the general information on passive voice.

After you begin to open all those passive voice decide to make you'd like to passive voice.

You will do some researches about this it.

You will type all the essentials you are observing and learning about passive voice.

Keep all of note in your book.

Then you will write some examples about passive voice.

After you write some examples please  send your tasks to

Good luck!


If you don't understand about passive voice, please check the link below:

Learning part 1

Learning part 2

Web link

File Task

Fill in the gaps

Put the following sentences into the Passive Voice form. Remember that the agent shouldn't be used unless important.

  1. They make shoes in that factory.
  2. They built that Skyscraper in 1934.
  3. The students will finish the course by July.
  4. She was cooking dinner when her husband arrived.
  5.  Did the plan interest you?
  6. They have finished the new product design.
  7. They are going to perform Beethovens fifth symphony next weekend.
  8. Someone will speak English at the meeting.
  9. People must not leave bicycles in the driveway.
  10.  Smithers painted "Red Sunset" in 1986.

The essay will help you to understanding the lesson and practice your skill in English. The evaluation for this essay depend from using Verbs in sentence. if you can use the verbs exactly and correctly you can get high score.


Below Average


Very Good



Grammatical Use

The grammatical use in the text is mostly incorrect

There are some grammatical error

There are few grammatical error

There is no grammatical error


Punctuation Use

There are a lot of mistakes in using the punctution

There are some mistakes in using the punctuation

There few mistakes in using the punctuation

There is no mistakes in using the punctuation



Some mistakes found in terms of language feature and the structure of the text

Few mistakes that don't really influence the meaning in terms of language feature and structure of the text

The structure of the text is correct but there are some mistakes in using language features

Both structure of the text and the use of language feature is correct


Diction Use

The diction use is rather difficult to be understand

There are some unfamiliar diction used in the text that is not appropriate

There is no unfamiliar diction used

All of the diction used is appropriate and correct


Total Score: 100



Good Job! You have completed the activities of learning about passive voice.


Teacher Page

This WebQuest is created for students in 11 grade of High School to help them work the project. The students are taken to step-by-step process of getting to know what, how, and examples of passive voice are. The project will be done in groups and submitted in one week.

The target users of this WebQuest are High School Students who are interested in learning passive voice.