Passive sentence or passive voice used to show interest in the 
person or object that is being acted on and not the person or object 
that is doing the action. So, the most important thing or person will 
be the subject of the sentence.

❖The definition of passive voice is that the subject of the sentence does 
not take action but receives action.
❖passive voice has a formula that focuses on grammar, because it adjusts 
the conditions of the time experienced.
❖Passive sentence is “passive construction occurs when you make the 
object of the action the subject of the sentence.



❖in this case you will learn about how to make passive voice 
sentences, so you can make passive voice sentences properly and 
correctly. for that, follow the explanation about making passive 
voice sentences carefully in order to understand as a whole.


1. Understanding of passive voice 

2. Purpose of passive voice

3. Structure of passive voice




❖ step 1 you have to understand about passive voice material in 


Passive sentence is a type of sentence in which the subject of the 

sentence is not the doer of an action, but the recipient of the action. 

The focus of the passive voice is the action or activity itself (the 

object), not the person or thing that performs the action.



❖Step 2 understand the purpose of passive voice

Passive sentence aims as a sentence that is used for the action 

(verb) and the object of the sentence rather than the subject. to 

emphasize the imposition of work on the object, or to disguise 

the object that applies work to the object, or other purposes






❖Step 3 students make a conversation by adding passive voice sentences. Able 

to know the sentence structure or formulas used in passive voice sentences, 

such as the following formulas :

❖Simple present tense

This tense has the formula: S + is/am/are + V3. Example of sentences:

• He is beaten by all his competitors.

• Heart disease is considered the leading cause of death in the United States.

• I am thrown to the pool last night.


❖Simple past 

Tense ini memiliki rumus: S + was/were + v3. Contoh kalimat:

• She was already gone.

• We were confused by the unclear regulation that was announced on campus.…


❖Simple future

Tense ini memiliki rumus: S + will be + v3. Contoh kalimat:

• It will be made into a nice sweater.

• The leftover will be eaten by stray cats.

• My office mate will be placed in another city.


❖Simple past future

Tense ini memiliki rumus: S + would/should + be + V3. Contoh kalimat:

• I would be asked first in this job interview.

• These clothes should be delivered on time to their owner.

• My desk should be placed in the corner of my room.


❖Present continuous

Pada tense ini, kamu bisa membentuk kalimat dengan rumus: S + is/am/are + being + V3. Contoh:

• The tasks are being done by herself.

• The trophy is being won by our team.

• Our used clothes are being sold for charity.

❖Past continuous

Adapun rumusnya adalah s + was/were + being +V3. Contoh:

• My neighbor’s house was being robbed last night.

• The trees were being cut every day.

• She was being lifted by a police officer.


❖Future continuous

Rumus yang digunakan dalam tense ini adalah s + will be + V3. Contoh:

• This room will be cleaned at the moment.

• Those racks will be emptied for some new stuff.

• My favorite series will be released next summer.


❖Past future continuous

Rumus yang digunakan dalam tense ini adalah s + would/should + be + V3.


• You should be promoted as a manager.

• The public pool should be cleaned daily in order to spread the virus.

• The donut shop near my house should be expanded to get more visitors.


Students will get good grades between 90-100. If you are able to 
make passive voice sentences properly and correctly, paying 
attention to grammar, then the topic of the theme is made, so that 
the sentences are made according to the rules, you may not see the 
answer key, otherwise the score will decrease.


❖Do as much as possible with the results of your own hard work, 
and try to master the material to be tested, because it is very useful 
for the future.