Past simple


The simple past tense is one of the most common tenses in English. Its form is the same with all subjects. It is usually formed by adding -ED to the verb. This page will explain the rules for forming the tense with regular verbs.


 I _____ to the mall after school.


2. My brother _____ a bear an hour ago.


3. _____ Mike visit his grandmother last night?


4. Alex did not _____ last weekend.


5. _____ Judy and Liz at last month's meeting?


6. We _____ not happy after the sad ending.


Positive with 'be'
was cold
you were tired
he was in the garden
she was late
it was sunny
we were on holiday
they were hungry


To make the negative with 'be', just add 'not':


Negative with 'be' Negative Short Form
I was not sleepy I wasn't sleepy
you were not on the bus you weren't on the bus
he was not at school he wasn't at school
she was not beautiful she wasn't beautiful
it was not cold it wasn't cold
we were not at work we weren't at work
they weren't  tired they weren't tired


To conclude, we studied the Past Simple Tense! This Tense is very important because it tells us the actions that happen in the Past. So when we tell others about our life's story we cannot speak without using this Tense.

The purpose of this task was to motivate pupils to talk about their past events; students practice the using of past verbs by telling a story about themselves or about person’s life. Also, this task lets students know regular and irregular verbs in simple past tense.

Thank you for attention & Good luck