The past simple tense


The past simple: the tense of past days and done tense.

The uses of past simple tense:

  • is used to talk about a completed action in a time before now.
  • Finished actions also can be a part of using simple tense.

The format of this tense: the second verb.

An example: she played tennis ten years ago.


put the verbs in the suitable way of formatting past simple (simple past).

  1. Last year I on (spend)  my holiday in Ireland._________
  2. It (be)  great._________
  3. I (travel)  around by car with two friends and we (visit)  lots of interesting places.__________
  4. In the evenings we usually (go)  to a pub.___________
  5. One night we even (learn)  some Irish dances._________
  6. We (be)  very lucky with the weather.________
  7. It (not / rain)  a lot._______
  8. But we (see)  some beautiful rainbows._________
  9. Where (spend / you)  your last holiday?_________

The teacher warms up the student by asking them some verbs to make them in the past time. 

The teacher explains the uses and the format of the tense by giving some examples.

The students in groups and individuals try to answer many questions about the definite tense.


Try to answer this question according to your understanding of the past tense, made a short story of one page and you should only use the past tense, so be creative one to get high marks.