The Patriarchs


It all begins with God.


Learning Intentions:

Know that through scripture key figures (matriarchs and patriarchs) from the Old Testament stayed faithful to the promise offered to them by God.

Students know about monotheism and make connections between the three Abrahamic faiths (Christianity, Judaism and Islam)


Step 1: The Abrahamic covenant

  • Read scripture Genesis 17:1-22
  • Use the story - Scripture probe to analyse the story
  • Use the bible commentary for Easy English bible


Step 2:  Group of 2 or 3

Students will explore the Timeline through an interactive timeline:

  - Age of the Patriarchs

  - the Old Testament


Step 3: Quizlet

In pairs students complete the Quizlet test on early patriarchs

Move onto the test when confident.


Step 4:  Fact file

Choose one of the patriarchs (Abraham, Isaac, Jacob)

include name, place where they lived, job, family, faithfulness to God, scripture reference

use template provided - students to label boxes accordingly




Submit your scripture probe and fact file template - Exit pass


What the Old Testament Tells Us About God?

There is One God – Monotheism

 At the heart of the religious experience of the Israelites was the belief that there is only one God. The Israelites called this God Yahweh. Belief in one God is called monotheism.

In Greek mono means one only and theism comes from Theos, God.

  Mono = one
  Theo = God

The great religious traditions which look on the Bible as the inspired word of God: Judaism, Christianity and Islam are all monotheistic.

Belief in one God was gradually accepted by the Israelites. But there are many cases recorded in the Bible when the people strayed from their belief in one God. They were called back to faithfulness to Yahweh by leaders such as Moses or the prophets.


Thank you for your participation.  Have a great day.  :) 

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Grade 7 Religion  by Mrs. Kim Ong on 11th Febuary 2020