What is a percentage ? 

A percentage shows the size of a value in relation to a whole, where the whole is defined as being 100 and not forgetting that percentages are always expressed as a fraction out of 100.

Calculating percentages

  • To calculate a percentage (%) we always determine the fraction of 100, e.g. take the fraction and multiply it by 100.

an example write 6/7 as a percentage.



1.1 Calculate 15% of R180

1.2 Calculate 18% of R200

1.3 Calculate 85% of R890

1.4 Calculate 60% of R2000

1.5 Calculate the increase and add it to the original amount 

20% of 300.



These are the formulas to calculate the percentage:-

given percentage/100 x given amount =

Percentage increase= Given percentage/100 x given amount = Answer

Answer + Given amount =



1.1 15/100 x R180= R27

1.2 18/100 x R200= R36

1.3 85/100 x R890=  R756.5

1.4 60/100 x R2000= R1200

1.5 20/100 x 300= R60

R60 + R300 = R360


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