Personal Finance


Are you interested in understanding the importance of goal setting and the need to prioritize the financial needs of an individual's lifestyle choice?

Today, we are going to explore the different personal financial management tools and how they are utilized into everyday life!



For this assignment, you will create a PowerPoint Presentation using the information you have read from the six articles/websites listed under the "Process" section. After you have read all six articles/websites, you will then begin to construct your PowerPoint presentation, and it must include ten (10) slides, excluding the title page and reference section.

You will be expected to give a ten-minute speech and present your findings to the class.

Also, be creative with this assignment!

Once you have completed this project, you will be able to:

  • understand what financial literacy is,
  • successfully identify specific financial management tools used in everyday life
  • explain the characteristics of each money management tool and when to use each tool

Please read these links below before beginning your PowerPoint Presentation:'s%20used%20to,that%20they%20stop%20making%20payments.

Once you have read these articles/websites, please follow the directions as to what needs to be included in your PowerPoint Presentation. 

1. Define financial literacy

2. Provide at least two examples of the benefits of financial responsibility

3. Identify tools that will help you manage money

4. Decide which money management tool is the best for certain situations



                                                 Student Presentation Evaluation Form

Name___________________                                 Date of Presentation________________

Presentation Topic____________________           Presentation Time__________________


Relevance to Finance                       1       2        3       4      5             ____/10

Organization                                     1       2        3       4      5             ____/10

Content                                             1       2        3       4      5             ____/20

Quality of Information                       1       2        3       4      5             ____/10

Performance                                     1       2        3       4      5             ____/10

References/Citations                        1       2        3       4      5             ____/30                                

Overall Impression                            1       2        3       4      5            ____/10








Congratulations! You are now a scholar of financial literacy, so you are officially ready to begin your adventure in creating financial goals!