Persuasive Writing Techniques


Every time you talk or write something you are trying to persuade your listener. That can be to simply to persuade them to listen or to agree with you. In writing there are many strategies that can help authors better convince their readers. Before continuing, try to think of persuasive techniques one might use in writing. The purpose of this quest is to help you better understand specific persuasive writing techniques and be able to use them in your own writing. Not only will these techniques enhance your writing, but they can improve your ability to better articulate your opinions to others.



Over the course of this year, we will be introduced to new writing strategies to enhance our writing. You will be asked to write a persuasive essay using at least five different persuasive writing techniques. You will be able to use class notes, books, and the internet to better write an effective paper. You then will be asked to write an explanation paper over three of the techniques you used, to better show me your understanding of the strategies. This paper will help you better perfect your persuasive techniques and writing for your future.



Suggested steps for completing activity:

1. Read and understand paper's rubric

2. Get your writing topic approved by the instructor

3. Review class handouts with list of persuasive writing techniques, descriptions, and examples

4. Visit the following links for extra help with techniques and writing (or ask instructor):

5. Write 1 draft & have peer reviewed

6. Write final draft and citations

7. Re-read your essay and highlight your persuasive techniques

8. Write your explanation paper

9. Turn in your best work


Persuasive Essay Rubric:








Page Length Requirement

Full 4 pages or more

Full 3 pages 

Full 2 pages

Full 1 page

Less than 1 page

Formatting Requirements: Times New Roman, 12pt font, double spaced, title, name and instructor, numbered pages

All 6 aspects met

Only 5 aspects met

Only 4 aspects met

Only 3 aspects met

Only 2 aspects met

Pre-Approved Topic






Use of Persuasive Techniques

Use of 5 or more different techniques

Use of at least 4 different techniques

Use of at least 3 different techniques

At least 2 different technique

No techniques applied

Organization & Transitions

Clear structure and smooth & effective paragraph and topic transitions

Decent structure and mostly  effective transitions

Aparant structure and some use of transitions

Poor structure and poor use of transitions

No clear structure and lack of transitions

Grammar &


Shows high control of paper structure along with no spelling or grammatical errors

Shows good control of paper structure with few spelling or grammatical errors

Shows okay control of paper structure with some spelling or grammatical errors

Shows some control of paper structure with many spelling or grammatical errors

Shows little to no control over structure with excessive spelling and grammatical errors

Works Cited Sheet

All online sources are cited on a separate page in alphabetical order

All online sources are cited on a separate page

Some online sources are provided on a separate paper

Some/all online sources are provided at the end of essay

No online sources are cited and/ or not works cited sheet



Now that you know and can use more persuasive writing techniques, how will you use them? This can shape the way you present your thoughts and opinions to others, and how you perceive others. What technique do you see in everyday conversations? What technique was easiest for you to grasp and why?

Teacher Page

By: Sierra Pearson

This Web Quest was designed for students to better understand and use persuasive writing techniques. This quest should make students question how often someone is trying to persuade them or vice versa, and how they can use that information to better their communication.