Peter Pan Quest


Good Morning Class!

Today were going to learn about WebQuest and how it might help you as a class with all levels of learning. WebQuest can be useful for  reading and writing of all topic areas. Today you will be placed in groups and assigned a task to complete. 


Students will use various items and resources to expand their knowledge while they read Peter Pan.


Materials Students Need:

A Copy of Peter Pan, retold by JM Barrie

Questions (provided)

Internet Access (Chromebooks)

Previous Note Catchers and Guides


The steps you will take in this journey:


1. As you read through your book, describing Peter Pan and retelling what happened in the story, your group will answer questions for each chapter.

Part 1: You will use previous notes and other material to determine the central message of each chapter that is assigned to your group. 

Part 2: You find pictures on the internet to go along with the central message of your groups chapters.

Finally: You will create a Google Slides Doc and present your chapters to the class.


Your teacher will divide the class into 6 groups. Each group will be assigned 2-3 chapters. 


Questions (each question has to be answered for each chapter)

1. What is the setting?

2. Who are the characters in this chapter?

3. How does the title of this chapter foreshadow what happens in this chapter?

4. What is the gist of this chapter?

Now that you have completed this task you need to decide on the central message behind each chapter. 

Then you will find pictures to help retell what happened in the chapter that you have been assigned. 

Finally you will create a PowerPoint or a Prezi presentation and present your findings to the class. 


You are also to write a summary about Peter Pan and discuss how he changed throughout the story and how the different characters he came in contact with effect him. 


If you need a little help come up with a list characters from the story and write a paragraph describing the plot. 


  Points Possible Points Earned

Section 1: Questions

  • The four questions are answered using accurate information.
  • Answers are written in complete sentences that are clear and concise.
  • Rules of grammar, usage, and punctuation are followed.



Section 2: Presentation 

  • Visual Support (Pictures)
  • Central Message
  • Characters included



Section 3: Summary

  • Specific Details from the story are used to make connections. 
  • The book is used. 
  • Answers are written in complete sentences that are organized, clear and concise.  
  • Rules of grammar, usage, and punctuation are followed.





In this Webquest you retold the story of Peter Pan by using sources! Now I am curious to hear your feedback! Be honest and tell me how you felt about this assignment. 

This paper will be filled out individually and privately. That way everyone has the freedom to speak and say what you want without feeling uncomfortable to express yourselves in front of others. I simply want to know as a teacher ways to help each and everyone of you succeed. Thank you for putting your hard effort in this assignment!!



What did you enjoy the most?




How did you feel working in a group?




Were you comfortable using the resources available to you?

If not, where do you feel you need more guidance in?




How did you feel about the various options that I offered?




Any books you would like to read in class?




Rate this assignment from 1 to 10.




Was there anything you felt was too difficult?



If so please describe in details. 




What do you feel can be done to enhance your learning experience for future assignments?