Physical Education


Welcome to physical education for k-5th grade! We will be learning how to develop students' physical competence and knowledge of movement and safety, and their ability to perform in a variety of activities to develop an active and healthy lifestyle while having fun.  


Students will be learning and performing basic locomotor and motor skills throughout the course. They will become aware of the health- related components and participate in physical activities. The health-related components are aerobic capacity, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, and body composition. 


Students will first start off by learning the basic fundamentals skills such as running, skipping, sliding, change of direction, self-awareness and more. They will also learn new vocabulary and cues for skills. They will start learning the proper techniques for skills to perform in physical activities. They will learn how to use feedback from their teacher to make corrections to become successful. 


Students will be evaluated throughout the class by demonstrating the skills, expressing the are knowledgeable about the lesson using written test, feeling out data charts, and answering questions out loud. I will be looking for students to be egaged in activites, dressed properly, and working well with peers with a positive attitude. 


Students will learn the skills to value physical activity to live a healthy lifestyle by participating in physical education. They will have experienced a wide variety of different activities and gain knowledge how to be healthy. 

Teacher Page

My name is Ms. Risa, and my goal is to become a physical education teach to share my love and passion of physical activity to help others live a long healthy life mentally and physically starting at a young age. I grew up participating in many sports such as soccer, softball, cheer, and gymnastics. I also used other activities to stay active with my friends such as hiking, swimming, volleyball, kayaking, and more. I am going to teach a variety of different activities so students can learn and have new experiences they can use to stay active and have fun.