Picture the Earth - Week 11


Picture the Earth! 

How much do you know about your home?  No, not the house or apartment you live in - our planted, Earth.  It's big and round, and it's where we all live.  Did you know that geographers are people who study the Earth and its features?  Can you name the continents and the oceans?  Did you know that there are different kinds of maps?  

In this WebQuest you will be learning more about our Earth and its features and different types of maps.  


You and your partner will learn about the Earth and its features.  You will be filling out maps and learning about the different types of maps.  You will look at maps of the Earth and identify the continents and oceans.  You will fill in a political map of the United States as well as name the states in the United States. Not only will you identify each state, you will color each state.  You will learn about longitude and latitude lines and identify the prime meridian and the equator. 

It is time to explore, so hang on and here we go.    


Using the following links, you and your partner are to complete the following: 

1.  Label a map with all the continents and oceans.  Color each continent a different color.



2. Test yourselves to see if you can locate the 7 continents and 5 oceans. 


3. Learn about the latitude and longitude lines that help locate exact spots on the Earth.  

Latitude and Longitude 

4.  On your map of the Earth, use a green crayon and draw the equator and a red crayon to draw the prime meridian.  Use the following slide show to help you learn more about maps and their features.  


5. On your map of the United States, please label all the states and color each state a different color.  


6.  Complete and turn in the cross word puzzle and the Who Are Our Neighbors? on the back of week 11's newspaper.  

Be sure to turn in all your maps and your newspaper.  You must have your name on ALL papers to get full credit.  


Your grade comes from completely finishing the maps and labeling all the required elements.  Please make sure that you completed the back page of the newspaper.  

Your score will be as follows: 

4: Labeling correctly all items, color the maps as indicated with best coloring.  Correctly filling in and completing the cross word and the unscramble.  

3: Labeling correctly all items, color the maps as indicated.  Correctly filling in and completing the cross word and the unscramble.  

2: Labeling most of the items, color the maps.  Answer most of the answer correctly on the cross word and the unscramble.

1:  Incomplete maps and not completing or missing parts of the assignment and not answering correctly the cross word and the unscramble.  

Teacher Page

The purpose of this WebQuest is to introduce students to maps of the Earth, continents, ocean and the United States. To facilitate, students are put into partnerships.  These partnerships are to complete the work that is required.  Each complete their own, not one for the partnership.  By putting students into partnerships, they are able to talk and work with someone.  One word of advice, do not allow students to choose their own partners.  Put students with partners that they will work with and be successful.  


Since the videos are from Youtube, you may pull the students together and have the students complete the items or take notes while showing the videos.  

If you do not have the cross word or the unscramble, you may delete this part of the WebQuestion. 

For the maps, just Google blackline maps and print the needed maps.