Place value


Place value tells the value of a number/digit within a number. Numbers are noted as:

  • Ones
  • Tens
  • Hundres
  • Thousands 
  • Ten thousands
  • Hundred thousands 
  • Millions 

Numbers are placed right to left (starting with the ones column) 


Draw a place value chart correctly.

Identify the value of the numbers in bold/underlined. 

Write the value of numbers in words. 

Write the numbers given in expanded form. 

Write the standard form of the numbers given.


Place value chart
Hundreds Tens Ones value
3 5 0 tens
0 1 7 hundreds

The number 350 is placed on the place value chart from right to left starting with the ones column. The value of a number is determined by the column in which it appears.

Therefore, 5 in the tens column means 5x10 which can be written as 5 tens or 50.

017, 0 in the hundreds column means that there are no hundreds.

NB 0 in any column means that there is nothing.