Planet Research Project


Our solar system is truly out of this world! We just so happened to land on Earth and make a good life for ourselves, but what about the other planets? What's so great about them and their contribution to our solar system? In this research project you will learn all about the other planets and what's up with that thing we call the moon. And for those who still think Pluto is a planet.... I've got some dissapointing news for you....


1. Research the 9 planets including the sun and moon using the approved websites and videos. Take notes using your 'Planet notebook' in the appropriate spaces. 

2. Check off your 'Editing Checklist' and make sure everything is completed correctly.

3. Order the planets in correct order by cutting and gluing them onto the 'Order the Planets' worksheet.

4. Complete your 'Planet Fact Fan' using your researched information. Make sure your coloring is up to par and neat!! Unless you happen to be a 6 year old who snuck your way into 5th grade. 


You will assume the role of the world's best researcher. Digging out the informational facts and leaving out the untrue dirt. It's your job to decide what's got the juice and what just isn't that important. You are the judge when it comes to your research. Own your research and make sure it's top notch!

Work smarter not harder:

  • Follow the guidelines in your note packet. Look for the words that are in your note packet in the articles to make your life easier. 
  • Headings are your friend!! Headings and subheadings in an article help explain what the main purpose of the following paragraph will be about. Looking for a specific answer? Check the headings and subheadings!
  • Know your Non-Fiction Text features. Use the following picture to help sort out your article and make your life easier when looking for information.

Non-Fiction Text Features Anchor Chart image 1


Once your research is completed, you may begin on your Planet Fun Fact Fan. The accuracy of your research and the presentation of your fan will be graded.