Plant Life Cycle: From Start to Finish by Tyler Berola


This WebQuest is designed for 4th graders preparing to learn about plants life cycle for a science project. Students will work individually to plant and care for their project using their textbook, the given links, and later work on a one page summary to detail what they learned.


Seeds are small things that can develop into a living plant. In order to for this development to occur, the seeds must be cared and tended to daily - like we as people do. Have you ever seen a seed progress into a plant? This is called seed germination. Your goal in this project is to plant a seed and identify and understand the different stages of a plants life cycle.




In this project, your job is to learn and identify the different stages of the plant life cycle by planting and tending to your own seed. You will be caring for your project until we see growth (about a month). By the end of this project, you will be able to discuss the different stages of plant life and properly identify what stage different plants stages are in. 


Chilli Plants Week 3 - 3




Materials Required:
- Writing Journals
- Pencil or pen
- Plastic cups
- Soil
- Succulent seeds
- Water
- A spoon
- A tongue depressor 
- A marker
- Your textbook

1. We will read the chapter over plant life cycles. The teacher will read aloud the material from the chapter as students take notes on the different stages of plant life.

2. We, as a class, will review the different stages. There is a link at the bottom of the page for further review on the plant life cycle and ways to care for your plant.

3. The teacher will pass out the required materials to plant the seeds.

4. Students will watch the teacher demonstrate how to plant the seed and go over daily tasks to care for the plant - then the students will plant the seed themselves

5. Each day the student will tend to the seed (watering it, making sure it's getting enough sun light, etc.) and taking notes about what new observable changes the students are seeing. 

6. At the end of the month, the student will document the different stages of plant growth that they saw, as well as reviewing all the plant life stages that occur in a single place paper.  Students will turn the paper in, with the plant for a grade. 





Will be placed in evaluation box when evaluation assignment is due. 



Good job class! We are now able to identify the stages of the plant life cycle and the different stages it takes to grow! 

Plants are very important for us! They create food, help with air, can help clean water - and can even help in the production of medicines! We know the how to care for each stage of the plant life and with this knowledge we can make strives to help care of our earth! 


Butterfly Plant