Nowadays, people forget to preserve environment and they just keep focus on new inventions. So deforestation is one of the most important issues and spreading around the world. As a result, people are facing global warming, climate change, natural disasters and pollutions. In order to prevent these, we need to plant. It takes a long time to grow even one plant. We must value plants and trees.

Do you know how to plant a tree in the best way?

            This project is all about finding a place to plant a tree, planting and caring for the tree. It is a group work with different individual work. During or after this project, the participants are meant to learn a sense of unity, to take care of our world, to learn how to teach one's own responsibility in a group or community, to learn how to learn things on their own, to have knowledge of trees and planting trees and learn different kinds of tasks, instructions and guidelines for completion of this to project are given below.


You will have to do a project on planting together with a report. So you will have to make a portfolio as a report. This is a group project then you will have to make a group. Before you start your planting, you will have to read articles and, to go and observe which place around the limited area you will choose to plant. Moreover, you will have to choose one long term tree for your group. Then you will have to take care of your plant, write daily journal as well as to collect findings from daily planting. For this project, you will have 15 days. To complete your task, you will be able to choose the following 7 tasks:

1) Retelling Task

2) Journalist Task

3) Compilation Task

4) Scientific Task

5) Design Task

6) Analytic Task

7) Consensus Task


1) Retelling Task; you will have to recall or review what you have been doing for your project and to make a short report on that daily processes.

2) Journalist Task; you will have to observe and discover for planting.

3) Compilation Task; you will have to collect daily journal, documents for planting from journaling.

4) Scientific Task; you will have to get and provide the facts from findings with specific evidence.

5) Design Task; you will have to create arrangement or pattern for your product like portfolio and planting.

6) Analytical Task; you will have to distinguish the processes for the project into specific parts.

7) Consensus Task; you will have to make agreement in your group for the project like choosing plant, choosing place to plant, design for portfolio, delegating and so on so far.



You will have to find a group of 3 from your class, First year, integrated programme



You will have 15 days for your project.

For the first 3 days, you will have to meet the facilitator in order to get descriptions and instructions, and to organize the group for the meetings and discussions.

And for 10 days, you will have to start planting and taking care of that plant together with daily journal and photos or video records for making a portfolio.

Then for the last 2 days, you will have to evaluate the whole project and work on a portfolio to summit as a report.


Choosing for planting:

You will have to choose one long term tree species

You will have to get one month old plant

You will have to discover for planting around Shwe Bhone Pwint Pagoda Area.


For Documentation:

You will have to record pictures, videos or draw cartoons or paint daily routine of your group activities or the conditions of your plant.


For Journaling:

You will have to describe the most dominant part of your activity or summarize your daily activity for each day.

You will have to mark out the daily improvement of your plant.

You will have to include your difficulties and challenges during your project.


Criteria for Portfolio;

You will have to make 7 pages for minimum and 10 pages for maximum.

It should be typed. (not by hand written)

The style is 'Times New Romance'.

The font size is 12.

The space should be double space.


The marginal should be Normal.

The paper size should be A4 size.

The school logo, the level, the academic year, the summiting date and the group members' names should be included in the cover.

The content should be included.

The page numbers should be included at the right below.

You should provide evidences for your facts or findings if necessary.


Instruction for reading materials;

You will have to read 5 articles for planting which are given below.




Plant's Growth





Watering the plants daily or according to its necessity





Provide an appropriate shelter which is prevented from any harms or damages





Enough water, sun light and fertilizers for growth





Without worm-eaten, dryness





Alive and Fresh







Group Activity





Assign task for each of group member





Implement the individual task





Collaborate among the group members





Well-planned for each activity





Well-organized for the project




















Rubric for portfolio







Design confusing hard to use

Design is OK, some difficulties


Match with the criteria

Against with the criteria

Be admissible

Be according to prescribed rules


Missing some requirements

Not arrange in order

Arrange systematically


Minimum effort

Average effort

Extra effort


Difficult to understand

mostly understandable

Clear, well-structured and interesting


What does Planting means to you?

How do you find your planting project?

Teacher Page

Lesson Plan

Second year of integrated programme

The students should precede the very fundamental knowledge for planting and surfing internet to search information.

The students will have to carefully read instructions first and resources, watch videos, discuss questions and do the task practically.

The students will complete their Web Quest within 15 days.

The students' planting which is the practical task and their portfolios will be checked at the beginning, during and at the end is the follow-up that takes place after the students complete the WebQuest


Teacher Resource

A list of resources used by the teacher to prepare for this activity: social media