Planting a Seed


1. What is the process to plant a seed?

2. How does a plant grow? What do they need?

We will be experimenting to see which plant will grow faster and bigger by planting a seed in two different pots and placing them in different areas. We will place on by the windowsill and one in a dark area. On the final day we will compare and contrast which plant grew faster and bigger and be able to explain why.


Learning Target: Students will learn to study about how a plant grows in different areas by planting their own seed.


1. Plant the same seeds in two different pots (will be done in the classroom)

2. Take home the two pots and place one by the windowsill and the other in an area with no sunlight (water your plant if necessary).

3. Observe and use your journal to record the growth of the two plants.

4. After 10 days, compare and contrast the two plants that you planted. Draw a picture of the two plants to compare.


1. From your observation, which plant grew faster / bigger?

2. Why do think that plant grew the faster / bigger?

3. What does a plant need in order to grow?


1. Record your observations in your notebook on Day 1, Day 5, Day 7, and Day 10.

2. On Day 10, observe and draw how much the two plants grew to compare and contrast the final outcome. Photograph your two plants as well if you are able.

Students will share their experiment with the class.


Read Aloud Book: Plant the Tiny Seed” by Christie Matheson