Plural Nouns ending in 'ies' and 'ves'


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Today in the Language Corner we will be digging a little deeper into plural nouns. Remembering that, plural nouns refer to names that indicate more than one. Wherein, one cow is in the singular form; two cows indicate the plural. We also explored how most singular nouns form their plurals by adding‘s’, this includes nouns ending with y preceded by a vowel. Nouns with endings such as ch, sh, s, ss, x, and o in some cases, add ‘es’ to create the plurals. Don’t forget to always spend some time revising. Consequently, for today’s class we will be probing the nouns that form their plural with the ‘ies’ and ‘ves’ endings.



The following are your tasks for today’s lesson:

1.         Learn the rules for plural nouns ending with ‘ies’ and ‘ves’.

2.         Learn how to correctly use these types of nouns in sentences.

Soon you will be speaking and writing the English language fluently! I believe in your abilities my wonderful students.


In our continued glide up the road of NOUNS, I implore you to continue your marvelous efforts and persist to survey, question, read, recite, and review (SQ3R) each focus topic. Happy female emoticonOnce again, we will be viewing videos about making nouns plural-with ‘ies’ and’ves’ endings. So by now I’m sure you now know what to do. Yes, click on the links to watch the videos: ,  and don’t forget to make your notations. 



Continue down to test your knowledge about changing singular nouns ending in ‘y’ and ‘f/fe’ to their plural forms with the ‘ies’ and ‘ves’ endings respectfully.  (ENJOY)Cute Smiley Faces | Click to zoom Go back to Smiley face wallpapers page Cute Smiley Face, Love Smiley, Animated Smiley Faces, Silly Faces, Funny Faces, Smiling Faces, Happy Faces, It's Funny, Smileys :

•           Purpose of these worksheets: To test your knowledge about plural nouns.

•           You can always review the videos.

•           Continue on to the next steps once you have completed the Worksheets.


Its test time again!! Yes, you finally get to show off your new knowledge.  Image result for smiling faces images"Read carefully then provide the correct answers. Remember that you can always review notes/videos so; there is still no need to get uneasy.  Only do your best; that’s always good enough. Winking emoticon showing ok sign Once again, the answers will be provided to show how well you are progressing.   


REMEMBER: PLEASE DO NOT CONSULT THE ANSWERS BEFORE YOU INDEPENDENTLY COMPLETE THE EXERCISES. Thank you my trustworthy pupils. Smiling yellow character in black glasses on a white background.

Please click on the relevant links to complete two worksheets based on singular nouns to be made into plural nouns.

Group 1 (Dependent group)



Group 2 (Independent)



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Number of correct answers:     Test 1 _________  Test 2 _________

Number of incorrect answers   Test 1 _________  Test 2 _________

Candidates result:    Test 1 _________  Test 2 _________


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In brief retrospect:

  • Previously


  • Nouns are simply names.
  • Plural nouns refer to more than one while singular means one.
  • Most regular nouns form their plural by adding‘s’ or ‘es’.
  • There are, however, exceptions to the above rules.


  • Today
  1. Forming the plurals for some singular nouns ending with ‘y’:

Change the y to ‘i’ then add ‘es’: ‘ies’
For most nouns that end in a consonant + y add es after changing y to i.
baby – babies

century – centuries

cherry – cherries







More Reflections and some Projections (these are to be done for home work)




It has been said that, “Great things are done by a series of small things brought together”. I wish for you grand successes as you continue to ascend. Emoticon waving up to the sky Please try to maintain your application of SQ3R, until we regroup, but don’t forget to throw in some rest. Sleeping smiley emoticon




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Teacher Page


a. Cognitive Objective- The students will be able to build on prior knowledge about plural nouns    as used in written and spoken terms.

b. Affective Objective- The students will be able to share their feelings about the fact that there are exceptions to EVERY rule for forming plural nouns.

c. Psychomotor Objective- The student will be able to draw objects in relation to singular and plural nouns, as they are grouped in the lesson.

 The following are the lesson objectives used to create this webquest:

1 .Discuss rules governing the formation of plural nouns from singular ones ending in   

  ‘y’ preceded by a consonant and ‘f’/’fe

2. Differentiate between plural nouns ending with ‘ies’ and ‘y’+’s’.

3. List at least three sets of nouns with the plural endings; ‘ies’ and ‘ves’.