The history of Pompeii is rich and layered with architectural, artistic and cultural evidence of the Imperial Roman period. Throughout this Webquest, keep in mind the economic and cultural success of the city and the population that flocked to its hubs. Take note of the different trades, art forms, events, graffiti and any other valuable information you may come across that may prove useful for your assignment at the end.


After you have completed your WebQuest, take the information and knowledge you have gathered and create a front page newsletter for Pompeii. The newsletter must include the following: 

1. A newsletter name

2. 1 main front page story 

3. At least 2 "column" stories

4. At least 2 Ads (be creative!)

You may include pictures in your newsletter and your information/writing must be accurate for the time period (i.e. no modern technology/terminology). 

You may go back and consult sources from the WebQuest during your work. 


Use this website to investigate the history of Pompeii and the art and culture of the city. It is not required that you read everything, just click around and find topics and information that interest you and that you can use for your assignment. 



Watch the following videos (some may appear graphic) and use the information to develop your understanding of Pompeii and its untimely end.


Evaluation 1: Lacking 2: Acceptable 3: Exemplary 

Newsletter expresses accurate

details about Pompeii

Student has not included

accurate information or

details about Pompeii.

Student has included some accurate information about Pompeii but is lacking sufficient amount or has a small amount inaccurate information.  Student has adequately and sufficiently included accurate information about Pompeii.

Newsletter incorporates the

required material (title, ads, stories)

Student has not included 2 or more of the required material for the Newsletter. Student has included some of the required material but is lacking 1 or 2 pieces (title, ads, etc). Student has successfully included all aspects of the required material for the Newsletter.

Newsletter shows creative

interpretation and originality

Student has produced pre-digested, unoriginal text that simply retells the source material. Student has shown some creativity but should go further in their production of original text. Student has displayed outstanding creativity and originality and has made the material "their own."

Student exhibits that they

have utilized information effectively

Student displays information that is disconnected or irrelevant to the topic assigned. Student has some disconnect in their work but shows some level of related material. Student is on target with the topic and maintains consistency with the material.

Student has created informative,

 notable writing for their stories

Student has not applied adequate thought or insight into their writing and only briefly wrote some sentences.  Student has produced acceptable informative writing for their Newsletter but could go further in their journalistic reporting of events. Student has created  hard-hitting journalistic pieces for their Newsletter that both inform and intrigue the reader. 



You have researched and studied the city of Pompeii and the tragedy that brought that city's cultural and economic bloom to an end. Now that you have learned about the timeline and the geography of the area, what do you think about the event? Think about these things as you leave from here. If the people of Pompeii had noticed the precursors to the eruption and realized what they were, could they have fled in time? Do you think they would have fled given their businesses, riches, and successes in the city? Given the two major eruptions that we know about now, why would mankind still choose to settle on the area surrounding Vesuvius?

Think about all of these things and come prepared for a start of class discussion for our next class meeting.  


Tiberio Gracco Pompeii Ruins: guide to the ancient city https://www.pompeionline.net/pompeii/

Zero One: A Day in Pompeii: Full-length Animation 

Grunge: The Worst Part of Pompeii's Destruction Isn't What You Think 

WatchMogo.com: Top 5 Pompeii Facts 

Weird History: Pompeii Facts That Will Blow Your Mind