Have you ever considered how many people just like you are just barely making it through the day? More than 3 billion people around the world live on $2.50 a day. That's nearly half the population of the world that lives in poverty. Some of the poorest countries in the world being Congo, Niger, Burundi, Mozambique, and Chad. Some of the biggest reasons for poverty being corruption, lack food/education, diseases, overpopulation, and debt. 

In this Webquest, you will be individually researching and answering questions about world poverty and the effects of society we live in.  


There is one part to this task you will be completing. Each question will be worth a certain amount of points. At the end of the quiz, you will add up all your points and see who has the most points in your class.

Research this Webquest

- Main Causes

- Countries in most poverty

- Daily Lives

- Factors that contribute

- Effects

- How do we reduce it?



About how many people around the world are in poverty? 20 points


What is a daily life in poverty like? 20 points


What are the effects of poverty? 20 points


How do we work towards reducing poverty worldwide? 20 points


What are the biggest factors that contribute towards poverty? 20 points




Your final mark will be determined by the number of points you have gathered. 

Criteria  Beginner Progressing Efficient  Excellent
Web Quest Activity       Not completed    Half completed  Mostly completed        Completed



Congratulations! You have completed this Webquest! It's important to show awareness for the people out there who might not be as privileged as us. We have so much so it's time to give back, and help those who need it.