Poverty causes food insecurities, health issues, and lack of work!


A (very) short history of the idea of ending poverty | CEPRWhat's Poverty? Meaning, Causes, and How to Measure


Poverty is not having enough money to meet basic needs including food, clothing, and shelter. 

Financial stability is a need for children and families. Unfortunately, poverty is one of the oppressions witnessed in Newport News, Virginia. As a result, families endure food insecurity regularly from a lack of access to enough food to live an active, healthy life. Lack of access to nutritious food, disproportionately affecting low-income populations, is currently a significant source of social injustice in Newport News, Virginia, and an issue that social workers inevitably encounter in the United States. Overall, poverty has been a complex issue as families struggle to find outlets and resources to secure enough food for their households. Other factors that result from poverty are social isolation, economic/ social disadvantages resulting from structural racism, chronic or acute health problems in parents, high medical costs, and low wages. It is time to reduce and get rid of poverty!

Again........., What does poverty do to families? 

  • Unemployed
  • Worse Health Outcomes                                  
  • Struggle to Pay Bills 
  • No Transportation 
  • Food Insecurity
  • Higher Mortality Rates
  • Mental Health Conditions 
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*The ultimate task is to provide families with relief and encourage them out of Poverty in an effort to resolve other impacts such as food insecurity.

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      !Resource and Referral Agency to provide Funding and Resources to Families!


                                            Financial Stability is KEY!

Child Care Resource and Referral - Child Care Aware® of AmericaCharities That Support Families in Need

  • A resource and referral agency will provide funding and resources to children and families.  

  • Families would be informed about job fairs, food pantries, discounted transportation, clothing giveaways, and other government assistance they may be eligible for. 

  • The organization will advocate alongside volunteers and other professionals for employment opportunities and resources in the Newport News community. 

  • The organization will petition to raise welfare limits on SNAP, TANF, and other welfare benefits.

  • The organization will engage in city intervention by advocating to reduce systemic racism and other barriers that limit families' wealth.

  • The organization will offer skill-building in areas such as budgeting, prioritizing, parenting, and other skills that may be beneficial. 

  • The organization will partner with families alongside a financial advisor to manage the funds that they currently have.   

  • The organization will also assist with employment by having participants fill out a pre-application form listing their highest education, past employment, and skills to determine the best placement for them. 

  • The organization will receive most of its funding through donations.   

Will you help fund this organization? We want you to know that your funds will change the lives of children and their families. Check out this comic clip on how every dollar helps. 




Here is a story of what relief looks like.....


These children have survived poverty and ended a cycle that they were accustomed to. 

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  1. Health and Hygiene 
  2. Education
  3. Income Generation
  4. Child Rights 
  5. Community Connections
  6. Spiritual Strength
  7. Food Security 
  8. Secure Housing

This was done through advocacy, resources, support, donations, and volunteer work. This is the current task. Check out these awesome stories and join the advocacy team and help lift families out of poverty!    Wink Store - Home | Facebook


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After carefully reviewing the literature, research, and statistics in the Newport News community, the writer of this proposal believes in gaining financial stability; families require funding and resources. The organization will be a nonprofit, hiring at least three employees with similar degrees and volunteers with experience working with families or communities.  Volunteers will be recruited by advertisement and referral. The organization's owner will also train employees and volunteers by having a group class that will cover the goal and mission of the organization. During that time, they will learn and develop skills to assist families.


  • The organization will be located in Newport News close to the community it plans to serve. This will make it easy for families to reach the agency. The organization will also accept as many volunteers that would like to join the team, preferably those that have worked with families and communities previously. 

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  • The organization is in need of funds to secure families. Donations, Grants, Organization Sponsorships,  and Loans will be the major source of funding. The writer of this proposal will apply for a grant from the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Virginia Food Access Investment Fund, and the Department of Emergency Management which builds infrastructure and communities through relief, according to the Commonwealth of Virginia website. Also, clothes, hygiene products, and other materialistic donations will be helpful for families that may need such resources. 


Donate Your Items - Samaritan HouseDonate Now - The Laurel Center

Donate Food Safely | Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department





SNAP - End Hunger CT!



Poverty and social work are inextricably connected, but social work practices have largely failed to reduce poverty and fully acknowledge it. The organization aims to take a different approach to create a higher chance of success. 


Families must exhaust all options to qualify for SNAP under the eligibility requirements. When there are limitations within the eligibility requirement, everyone does not receive assistance even if needed. The goal is for families to still be compensated and relieved. The SNAP eligibility criteria are for low asset limits. Family household income cannot be more than $2,250 for most families or $3,500 for elderly and disabled individuals. The SNAP policy seems to be created to keep people on it for good and has individuals living in a low-income environment with low wages, barely making it.

The SNAP Reform Act of 2021 was developed and introduced in-house to strengthen the supplemental nutrition assistance program (SNAP) categorical eligibility for applicants who already receive supplemental assistance elsewhere and for those with assets high enough to not require assistance, and for other purposes. However, the bill impacts the child welfare service because if it were to become a law, individuals with high assets but low income would no longer be eligible for SNAP benefits. In addition, individuals already receiving supplemental or cash assistance elsewhere over a specific limit will no longer be eligible. 


SNAP Reform Act of 2021 (H.R. 3428) - GovTrack.us





This organization will assist families and bring closure to an ongoing issue that the community has battled for a very long time. Social work involves hands-on work and this is a great start to engage and intervene effectively with families. Providing resources and funding to families can begin to put an end to poverty. Although the plan does not resolve the ongoing issue for the entire community, it does begin to make things more manageable. The overall objective is to start resolving issues one by one in the community. The developer of this proposal has once resided in the community and has a passion to fix the unresolved issues in the community. Alleviating poverty will alleviate so many other issues. individuals should be able to afford goods and services that can cater to their health and well-being. All individuals should be able to have decent jobs and education. The proposed plan is to enhance the community while assisting families.  




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