The Power of Rhetoric


Grade 11, 45 minute lesson

What is your favorite childhood Disney movie? What about that movie has made it stick with you after all this time? Mine is Beauty and the Beast and Belle's headstrong, steadfast personality draws me in to this day! Belle is faithful and pure- very appealing traits. There are three significant types of rhetoric that are used to appeal to audiences of all kinds, all the way from Disney to politics. Let's take what we've learned and apply them!


You are going to learn how to identify different types of rhetoric- the art of effective or persuasive speaking or writing. Knowing and recognizing rhetoric will be a resource you utilize throughout life to make informed decisions, discern biases or use persuasion yourself! This task applies Bloom's Understanding, Applying and Analyzing.


Use a dictionary to look up pathos, logos and ethos if needed. Write down your favorite movie and what types of rhetoric were used with direct examples from the movie that you recall. Use this same approach and apply it to our text I Am Malala. Use for more definitions and examples if you need help getting started.

Rubric 0 5 10
Correctly identifies rhetoric Does not correctly identify rhetoric Correctly identifies only some rhetoric Shows full understanding of rhetoric
Provides examples Provides no examples Provides no more than 4 examples Provides over 4 examples
Grammar and punctuation Consistent grammar and punctuation errors Few grammar and punctuation errors No grammar and punctuation errors
Applies to I Am Malala Does not apply to I Am Malala Provides no more than 2 applications to I Am Malala Applies more than 2 applications to I Am Malala



It is time to put your knowledge on this literary device to the test! Begin by referencing a dictionary if you need to trigger your memory for logos, pathos and ethos. You should feel confident in identifying these types of rhetoric. While it may seem more difficult applying this task to I Am Malala, use your Disney movie list as an aid. Ask yourself what Malala wants us, as readers, to know and feel. Here is a link to a short video on rhetoric. Ready, set, go!