Power Supply


Every computer needs a power supply, to take electricity from your house and convert it into a current that works for your computer. The electrical cord that comes out of your computer, comes out of the power supply. When it is plugged into the wall, electricity travels from the electrical wires in your house into the computer's power supply. When your computer is turned on, the power supply allows the converted electricity to travel to other components inside the computer.


Student will research

  • what a power supply is and its function in the computer system.

  • the pin layout for a power supply connector.

  • proper installation and preventative maintenance of a computer power supply.


Students will learn to build computers, troubleshoot hardware and software problems, and basic electronics related to computer hardware.

Why are we learning this?

To measure direct and alternating current circuits and troubleshoot hardware problems

Why is this important?

To learn the skills to install and troubleshoot computer power supply



The following questions will help you to start thinking about what is a power supply? And Start your research

What is a power supply, how does it function in computer, turning on/off (physical switch and software signal, role power button plays now)

-- Type of power supplies, AT, ATX, types most commonly used now

-- Warnings of working with power supplies (safety issues)

-- Cleaning the power supply (compressed air, which way to blow air, having computer off)

-- Voltages/wattage rating on power supply

-- How to detect problems (smells, smoke, noise, spontaneous rebooting, heat)


There are three parts to completing the task: 1. Conduct Research on Power Supply, 2. Complete the Power supply Worksheet, 3. Submit the worksheet to your instructor through Google classroom by the given due date.

Conduct Research Computer Power Supply



Complete Worksheet given in class on 2/6/19

Worksheet: http://ca.cyanna.com/Courses/comptia/220-701/2/Worksheet-Power_and_Power_Supplies.pdf

AnswerKey: on the table

This is the last assignment after you have completed your research

 Install Power supply

Submit Worksheet

Submit your completed worksheet as an assignment in Google classroom by the due date to receive  credit for the assignment. The assignment will be graded using the rubric on the evaluation page of this site.


Develop a research paper titled “Power Supplies”

Use the articles and videos provided to conduct your research 

  • Title page 

  • APA Format

  • What power supply does in a computer

  • Different types of power supplies

  • Wattage ratings on power supplies

  • Noise or no noise

  • Power efficiency

  • Determining the right type and number of connectors

  • Stores that sell power supplies (get pictures and prices)

  • Steps to changing the power supply (including safety)

  • Conclusion

Include graphics, as appropriate.  Spelling/grammar/capitalization counts!

Grading is based on the information/accuracy of research/presentation as well as design..  I put more weight on the information and the research the students did, than the actual , depending on the level of students.  You will 3 class periods for research and presentations can be made in class.

Assessment Type(s): Projects



Now that it’s over, What were some of my most challenging moments and what made them so? What did you learn about the computers power supply?





Justin Keel. Boise State College

Teacher Page

Teacher Page


Here you will find the lesson plan for the Power Supply This page was written to provide teachers/instructors with an overview of the purpose, objectives, and learner description associated with this WebQuest.


The Power Supply lesson plan was designed to assist students in understanding that the power supply is a hardware component in a computer that supplies all components in a computer with power. By guiding students research, the students are also developing increased information literacy skills.


The paper supply is a topic that is not always covered in-depth in Information technology due to large amounts of content that is required to be covered and most students (and instructors) find it boring! However, every computer needs a power supply, to take electricity from your house and convert it into a current that works for your computer.

Learner Description

This WebQuest was created to be used by Information Technology Student to review the importance of the power supply


This WebQuest assumes students will be familiar with web browsers,  and navigating the Internet

Instructional Objectives

At the completion of this activity the student will be able to:

  • Explain what a power supply is and its function in a computer system.

  • Identify the pin layout for a power supply connector.

  • Describe issues that can occur with a power supply and proper installation and preventative maintenance of a computer power supply.

Standard Addressed

The set of standards selected for this WebQuest are the:Nevada Department of Education  Standards


2.1.1 Describe the use of each of the classifications of hardware components

The specific standard met through this WebQuest is:

2.1.1 Describe the use of each of the classifications of hardware components

2.1.3 Categorize the various types of power supplies

2.1.6 Classify various expansion adaptors

Students apply digital tools to gather, evaluate, and use information.

Subject Matter Description

  • :Introduction: This section provides an overview to help learners to become familiar with the topic.
  • Task: The task to be completed is described in this section. Learners will research topics on power supply and then complete a worksheet to apply their knowledge.
  • Process: The list of steps to follow are provided to successfully complete the items in the Task.
  • Evaluation: A research paper  will allow learners to obtain DOK about the topic their projects. The instructor will assign a grade for work completed in this WebQuest.
  • Conclusion: This section is used to prompt the learner to think about what they have learned during this WebQuest. What are the implications for the future?



Students will complete a research paper by applying the knowledge that was learned during the research phase of the WebQuest. The paper will be scored based on information/accuracy of research/presentation as well as evaluation outlined.