President Project


Second Graders,

Welcome to your President Project! You have the opportunity to become an expert about a president. You will begin the project by watching this video about the white house where almost all of the U.S. presidents lived.



1. We will watch a video about the white house.

2. We will review the facts from the video.

3. You will choose a president to research.

4. Once you pick your president, you will answer questions about that president on a graphic organizer.

5. You will use that information to create an online book on the app, Book Creator.

6. You will organize your facts in to an informational book and add appropriate pictures of your president.

7. On your last page of your informational book you will draw a picture of your president using the drawing tools on the app.


#1 -- Watch the white house video

#2 -- Pick a president that you want to research

#3 -- Research the president on the following websites.

#4 -- While finding information, you will organize your facts on a graphic organizer.

#5 -- Make sure to fill out completely and find pictures of the president.

#5 -- Use your facts to create an online informational book on Book Creator.

#6 -- Type complete sentences and add pictures

#7 -- On your last page you will use the drawing tools to create a picture of your president.

#8 -- Present informational book to the class to teach about your president.


Informational Book Rubric

Purpose/Organizer -- 4 pts. -- The respond is clear and well organized throughout.
Main idea is clear, focused, and effective for task, audience, and purpose.
Ideas follow a logical sequence
Includes an effective introduction and conclusion

Evidence/Elaboration -- 4 pts. -- The response presents strong support for the main and supporting ideas with effective elaboration.
Facts and details strongly support and develop key ideas
Details are clear and appropriate for task, audience, and purpose

Conventions -- 2 pts. -- The response demonstrates adequate command of conventions.
Consistent use of correct sentence structures, punctuation, capitalization, grammar, and spelling


Once you are finished with your informational book, you will edit and revise it with a partner. Then, you will each share your book with the class.