Presidents of the United States


We are going to research each president of the United States. You will be divided into pairs and then have the opportunity to choose a President. We will have three groups. 


Step 1:To begin your webquest, you need to first choose a President to research. We have had 44 Presidents! You have plenty of interesting men to pick from. Look through the following websites for ideas. You can coose whomever you would like! I would choose someone who you find interesting and would like to know more about.

good websites-

Step 2: Once you have chosen your President, you need to create an opening page on the front of your folder. Include a photo (you can print or draw- if you print we can print later just let me know that you want to print), the President's name, years he served, and what state he was from. You may also add information you feel is important. You want this to look nice as it is the first thing others will see.  

Step 3: Now that you have chosen your President, we begin the adventure to learn more! Looking through these websites below, read about the life of your President. There are several different write ups available; I encourage you to read all of them as each focus on different aspects of his life. As you read, pay attention to key events, key happenings, that occur in his life.


Once you have learned more, your next activity will be to create a timeline of key events in the Presidents' life. Some events to include are: date of birth, date he became President, the date of one key act as President, the date he stopped being President, and the date he died (if he has). However, that is just the beginning! Give your readers lots of interesting and important facts about your President. 


The timeline should be a new page. You may incorporate pictures or drawings, and you may format it vertically or horizontally (see examples). This will be the second page in your report. 




For information on how to create a timeline and for examples, look at these websites: