Project: First Fleet Bag


Welcome students! This year we will be learning about Material Technologies.

Have you ever seen a sewing machine before? Well, this Webquest is going to explore the techniques and materials used to create different types of bags. 

We will be following the design skills of:

Product Design & Technology


In this WebQuest you will research

  • What types of materials are natural and processed?
  • Characteristics of materials
  • Properties of materials 
  • Different types of materials
  • What type of plants can be grown in a greenhouse?
  • How can we make a bag design for a person on the first fleet?
  • How can I use my knowledge of materials to create my own first fleet bag?

Natural and Processed Materials 

World History Class# 22 - Lessons - Blendspace

  Explore the following PowerPoint with your teacher to understand natural and processed materials


 Design and plan a structure to hold a plastic cup with the most amount of weight using the materials provided by your teacher.








Characteristics of materials

This lesson, you are going to research and evaluate materials (natural and processed) to identify why the materials is a good choice.

Complete the sheet: 

    a material that is woven or knitted, such as cloth   

After you have finished, work on your vocabulary flash cards







Test a variety of materials

Gently test the objects to see if they are strong, bendy and absorbent.

4. Testing for absorbent or waterproof properties! - Gretchen Brinza

After you have finished, work on your vocabulary flash cards






Advantages / Disadvantages

List the advantages and disadvantages to using different types of materials for bags.

Use site #1 to identify the benefits of cotton, wool, silk ad linen.





Joining Techniques 

Evaluate a range of materials to determine the best way of joining materials together.

Years 1/2


Refer to Assessment with your teacher