Project: Garden Tool


Welcome students! This year we will be learning about Garden Tools.

Have you ever used a garden tool before? Well, this Webquest is going to explore the materials used to create different types of garden tools. 

We will be following the design skills of:

Product Design & Technology


In this WebQuest you will research:

  • What types of materials are used in garden tools
  • Characteristics of materials
  • Different types of materials
  • Posters and persuasive techniques in advertising
  • How can we make a new garden tool design for different people/situations
  • How can I use my knowledge of materials to design my own new and improved garden tool?

Lesson 1

List different types of garden tools using  site #1 , site #2 or site #3

List the materials used to create Leaf Scoop Rake and Garden Rake

Using the rake your teacher has provided:

  • Record observations of the rake (include a diagram with labels) - shape, size and materials used
  • Critique the design based on children who use it and create a PMI chart (plus, minus or interesting)

How to Choose the Right Rake | Garden Gate


If you have finished your tasks, get to know your garden tools


Lesson 2

Plan and design a rake suitable for a person in a wheelchair.

Design brief: 

  • long handle
  • lightweight
  • waterproof
  • easy grip (non-slip)
  • soft handle

Draw your new design (add colour). Explain the benefits of the new design, and compare your new design to previous products on the market, consider the needs of the user (adult/child in a wheelchair). 

Gardening For People With Disabilities






Refer to Assessment with your teacher


Congratulation on finishing the webquest.