Project: Greenhouse


Welcome students! This year we will be learning about Greenhouses. 

Have you seen a greenhouse?  Have you ever wondered how it trapped heat and kept the plants alive?  Well, this webquest is going to explore the Earth's greenhouse effect and how it keeps our planet warm.  

We will be following the design skills of:

Product Design & Technology


In this WebQuest you will research

  • What is a greenhouse?
  • Why are greenhouses important?
  • Who uses greenhouses?
  • How does a greenhouse work?
  • What type of plants can be grown in a greenhouse?
  • How can we improve our school greenhouse?
  • How can I use my knowledge of greenhouses to create my own mini greenhouse?

Lesson 1

Have you heard about "Greenhouse Gases"? Do you know about "Global Warming"? What's happening to our world?

Work together to get the facts straight. 

Greenhouse effect   

Explore the following sites to get a grasp of what the Greenhouse Effect is.

Explore and discuss site #1 then site #2 and watch the video. Then view the map on site #3.

Afterwards, take the short quiz to see if you are learning.


What is the greenhouse effect? (draw a labelled picture or write some sentences) 


Explain what is global warming. (draw a labelled picture or write some sentences) 


List the top 5 countries with the most Fossil Fuels Emissions:




Lesson 2

Use the following links to research what type of crops/vegetables can be grown in a greenhouse.

Site #1           Site #2           Site #3           Site #4       

Use Site #5 or Site #5.1 to identify your school climate zone for gardening.

How to Build a Greenhouse |

Use Site #6 to identify the best crops to grow seedlings in at your school




Lesson 3

Use the following links to research the materials used in different types of greenhouses:

Site #1        Site #2

10 Different Types of Greenhouses | Structures and Designs


Lesson 4

Use the following links to research how to keep plants warm in winter and cool in summer in a greenhouse:

Site #1        Site #2

Think about what materials can be used to assist in heating/cooling.

What Is the Greenhouse Effect? | Greenhouse effect, Climate change  activities, Global warming project





Lesson 5

Plan and design a mini greenhouse to test and record the temperature inside/outside the greenhouse.

Use the materials provided.

Chapter 19 Greenhouses and Other Growing Structures - ppt download


Refer to Assessment with your teacher


Congratulation on finishing the webquest.