What are quadrilaterals?

What are the characteristics of quadrilaterals?

How many quadrilaterals are there?




1. Pick a quadrilateral.

2. Research quadrilaterals - sides, angles, diagonals, etc.

3. Create a poster of your chosen quadrilateral.

4. Be able to explain all characteristics of your quadrilateral.

5. Find example problems for determining angle measurements, side lengths, and diagonal lengths.


Research quadrilaterals and choose one that you want to present. You will  need to create a poster with all information regarding your quadrilateral including how to find the angle measures, side and diagonal lengths, and any other interesting characteristics regarding your quadrilateral. You will also need to find example problems for figuring the angles and side/diagonal lengths to present to your class mates. 


1. Poster - 10 points

2. Characteristics of quadrilateral - 20 points

3. Example problems - 10 points

4. Class Presentation - 10 points

Total Points Possible - 50 points


At the end of this assignment, you should know what a quadrilateral is, what the characteristics of a quadrilateral are, and how many quadrilaterals there are. During your research, you should have chosen a quadrilateral to explore a little further and present to the class. With this assignment, you are to make a poster to present to the class. The poster should contain the following information, the angles, side lengths, diagonal lengths, as well as all other characteristics of your quadrilateral. You will also need to find example problems to hand out to the class and demonstrate how to work them. 

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Your project/presentation should be original, creative, and neat. You should provide example problems for your fellow classmates. During your presentation, you speak clearly and maintain eye contact with your classmates.