Quadrilaterals by Kauthar Ahmed(218100973)


The current topic on hand is Quadrilaterals. 

A Quadrilaterals is defined as a closed four-sided figure whose interior angles add up to 360º. 

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In this topic we will be mainly focusing on a square, rectangle, parallelogram, rhombus, kite and trapezium, as well as their properties.

Lets begin :)...


Your task is to research, self study and then create a poster that can be used to explain what you have learnt. Your poster should be on an A3 size board so that pictures may be included. 

Your poster should display a table that includes:

  • the names of each quadrilateral
  • drawings of quadrilaterals
  • properties of quadrilaterals

Try to understand what you are reading so that you not just copy and paste onto your poster as you will need to explain what you have learnt.


After doing some research and gathering information its time to start your poster. 

For the poster you will need to use different colors and try and make it as eye catching as possible so that it grabs the attention of the other learners when you present it. try and use the different colors to represent the different types of properties for each of the quads. 

The drawings that are included in your table should properly illustrate the properties that you are giving by using the appropriate mathematical symbols. These symbols would include those that represent equal angles and lines, etc. Try and use words such as equal, parallel, bisects, etc, when giving the properties.

The table should be divided into columns that display the name of the quad, an illustration with its symbols and atleast 3 properties for each, except a trapezium which will only have 1 property. 

Resources that you may use to do your research include:

  4-5 2-3 1
Correct properties and number of properties. three correct properties. all properties, not all correct. wrong or only one property.
Correct representations. good representations of the properties. not all correct illustrations. no drawings, or all incorrect drawings.
Correct use of mathematical terms. proper use of mathematical terms. correct use of a few of the terms. incorrect or no use of the mathematical terms.
Overall presentation.  creative and colorful, eye-catching. some color used. no creativity.



In conclusion, the purpose of this activity was for all learners to self study and create a poster that displays quadrilaterals in an innovative way. 

By doing the topic this way, all learners are able to bring their work to the classroom and show and present it to the rest of class and this way maybe even help someone else in the classroom. This is why the aim of the activity is for the poster to be eye-catching so that it can draw the attention of others learners. 

At the end of the presentations, we hope  to have every learner feeling positive about Quadrilaterals. 

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Good Job Everyone :).