Quest for the Truth


Now that we've talked about some ways to evaluate the quality of information on a website, it is your turn to put your skills to the test. Is the information real and credible? Is there a bias? What makes you think that?


Your task is to explore the websites below and decide whether the information is reliable, biased, or true at all.


Explore each of the websites. (Hint: Look at more than just the main page)

Use the following factors to decide if you would use them for a project or paper source based on:

  • Website Quality
  • Bias
  • Reliability
  • Exaggeration



Create a document (chart, Google Slides, etc.) to share your reasoning about the bias for each site and whether it would be a reliable source. Badges and advancement will be given based on:

  • Group Cooperation
  • Well reasoned arguments
  • Product Quality

In our Google Classroom discussion, share some feedback about this quest. Did some of the websites trick you into thinking they were reliable? Why or why not? What is one big take away from this quest that you will remember in your future research?

Teacher Page

This has been a chance to explore some fun (and in some cases, super exaggerated websites.) As you research, the bias and exaggeration isn't always obvious. Be alert and remember to always evaluate every source!