Rain School WebQuest


Imagine you had to rebuild your school after every rainy season. Would this make you have a different perspective on education and school? In the story Rain School by James Rumford, the children of Chad, Africa experienced rebuilding their mud and sapling built schoolhouse after every rainy season. Today, we will explore what education is like for students in Africa. 


What is school like for children in Africa?

Your task is to explore the educational systems of Africa to gain a better understanding of what children in African overcome to attend school and gain an education. The "Process" page will have several various websites for you to explore to help in your learning of school life in Africa. 

During this process you will answer the following question:

1. What demographic of children are at risk of missing the opportunity of receiving an education in Africa?

2. How many students in Africa will drop out of school before graduation?

3. Why have 15 countries in Africa abolished schools?

4. How do students in Africa get to school? 

5. How do organizations such as UNICEF help children access education?

6. How do organizations such as UNICEF help girls gain access to education?

7. How has the Covid-19 pandemic affect students' abilities to go to school? 

8. What is OWLAG, who founded it,  and what part of Africa is located? 

9. What are the 4 values of OWLAG?

10. Name 5 courses that are offered at OWLAG? 



1. Open a blank document in Microsoft Word.

2. Label the top left corner with the following: Name, Period, Date

3. Copy the question listed in the "Task" section.

4. Paste these questions in your Microsoft Word document and bold the question.

5. Use the hyperlinks below to find the answers to the question.

6. Make sure the answers are in COMPLETE sentences.

7. Save you finish document as "Rain School Webquest"

8. Upload your completed assignment into Schoology. 








Learning Advice

Please go through each website in the order that they are listed to answer your questions. Make sure that all questions are answered in complete sentences in your Microsoft Word document. 


After reading Rain School and completing the WebQuest you should have learned about the obstacles children in Africa have to overcome in order to receive an education. Many of the children in Africa are at a disadvantage for educational success due to economic status, health, and gender. However, programs such as UNICEF, OWLAG, and volunteers from the PeaceCorps provide resources to help children in Africa access resources. After the reading and WebQuest activity, hopefully, you have learned how privilege we are in the United States to have access to education.