"The Raven" by Edgar Allan Poe


Here we will listen to the first few stanzas of "The Raven" by Edgar Allan Poe.

After we listen to these stanzas, you will answer three questions.

The most important thing is to have fun with this! I will grade your answers, but I want you to have fun and not stress over this assignment. 


Now, let's step into a world nearly 200 years ago. Let's read "The Raven."


Listen to Miss Phillips read the first eight stanzas of the poem. It is about four minutes long. 

Next, answer these three questions:
1. How did the poem make you feel (scared, creeped out, sad, etc.), why?
2. What was your favorite part about the first eight stanzas of the poem, why?
3. Would you read the whole poem after hearing the first few stanzas of the poem, why?

Remember, answer those questions in 3-4 complete sentences. 


First, listen to The Raven.

Second, ask the students the three questions.

Third, send the students to work silently, answering those questions. 


After students have enough time to listen to The Raven and answer the questions, ask a few students to share what they thought about the poem.

Discuss the students' feelings toward the poem. 

Discuss the character's grief in the poem and how powerful grief is in one's life. 

Discuss the power of the poem and Edgar Allan Poe's works in America. 


Recap Edgar Allan Poe's influence on American literature and the power of grief in someone's life. 

I would like to end on a happier note, telling my students that there is always someone who will listen to them when they are grieving (I am someone who will listen and help).



This is the link to listen to Miss Phillips reading "The Raven."

Teacher Page
Grade 5 10
Participation Student did not participate in the conversation/activity Student participated fully in the activity.
Answered Questions fully Questions are partially answered.  Questions are answered to the fullest. 

*This is not a real lesson plan -- real teachers please do not use this. This was for a class.