Reality vs Dream - House and Home


This Webquest will take you on a search of information regarding different types of houses and materials used to build them. You will also explore the concept of eco-friendly homes and some technologies used in their construction. All of this will lead to you designing your own dream house!


The students' task is to get acquainted with the most popular types of houses, as well as the materials used to build them, and modern, eco-friendly solution in house-building. It includes the vocabulary related to the unit of house and home as well as elements of knowledge of ecology. The students will compare different materials and building solutions and decide which ones they would like to use when building their own houses.  




1. What are some popular types of houses? Make a list and prepare a short PowerPoint presentation listing characteristic traits of each type. You can use the following resources:


2. What materials are usually used when building a house? Read the articles and make a list of best materials considering their advantages and disadvantages.


3. Have you ever heard about eco-houses? Compile a list of differences between a traditional house and a modern, eco-friendly house. 

These websites might help you:



4. Now that you know the different types of houses and different materials used to construct them, design your own dream house. You will later share your design with the rest of the group. Take into consideration:

- where would you like to build your house

- what materials you would use

- how big it would be, how many and what kinds of rooms would be there

You can choose a medium that suits you best: a simple description with a floor plan, a drawing, a painting, computer graphics, a model... Be creative and have fun!





The students will be evaluated on the basis of the short presentations they make and the list comparing different materials they compile. The final result of the Webquest is supposed to be their own project of their dream houses, considering the knowledge and vocabulary they learned in the process. 



The students will share their projects of houses with the group of their peers, explaining their choices of materials and solutions used in the process of building, as well as the design and facilities they decided to include.

During the Webquest, the students not only learned new vocabulary but also gained a further understanding of environmentally-friendly solutions in construction. 

Teacher Page

The aim of this Webquest is to raise the students' awareness of different kinds of homes, building materials, and modern, eco-friendly solutions that can be applied in housebuilding. While completing the tasks, the students will learn new vocabulary related to the unit covering house and home. This Webquest relates not only to the learning of a foreign language but also to the topic of ecology and protection of the environment found in the Core Curriculum for secondary school, similarily as the topic of natural resources, alternative, natural materials and natural energy sources.