Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!


We all have heard how important it is to recycle! We know our teachers and parents have mentioned to us after we finish a plastic bottle, put it in recycling! We have also been told to reuse a water bottle, rather than buying another plastic one. We are encouraged to use less paper in classes. So how can you increase the amount of recycling and reusing material and decrease the use of garbage in our school?


Your task is to develop three different ways for each category in which you can reduce, reuse, and recycle in the school. These should be things that all students can do! Your goal should be to complete these things as well as encourage others to do this!

  • The first thing you will do is watch the video provided from BrainPop explaining why recycling is important and how to do it on a child’s scale. During this time you can take note on any ideas you might get.
  • After this video you are going to do some research with your peer! You both are going to find ways in which we can reduce, reuse, and recycle in our school. You will make a poster board to show these ideas or a slideshow.
  • You will then develop a presentation to showcase your ideas to the class!

You will be graded on your final product that you and your peer made. Each of you will be graded together, so make sure you both put in the work and are proud of your work! You will be graded on the poster or slideshow you made and the presentation to the class.


Notes on video    5 points

Slideshow/ Poster Board    70 points

       With three solutions for each category, reduce/reuse/recycle

Presentation        25 points


You have now determined what you and your friends can do to help our planet! Can you plan on acting on these in our school? Try to complete these for a week straight, check in with yourself and see how difficult these were to follow. Is this something you could continue doing?


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Teacher Page

Start with engaging the students with a video and class discussion. Then the students will be put into pairs and develop solutions on how to support our planet, and on a smaller scale our school. The students will develop their solutions and present them in a slideshow or poster board. The students will present this to the class and are encouraged to partake in these solutions!