Regions of France


A research project designed for French 1 classes.

France is divided into 22 metropolitan regions.  We have learned about Ile-de-France, Normandie, and Bretagne in the West of France.  You will be responsible for choosing one of the regions of France that we have not studied in class.


Pick a region, research it, and collect information that you will need to present to the rest of the class.

What to include?

Minimum of 9 slides/pages with 2 pictures per slide/page.

  • First slide/page contains: name of region, your name and class, 2 pictures

  • Last slide/page contains: resources for pictures, maps, information

  • All in French

  • maps for location (of France showing the region and of region)

  • Individual Work


Step 1: Choose a region: write your name next to the region in GoogleDoc

Step 2:  Research

  • Geography:  Where is this region located in France? Show a map of France indicating where the region is located.  Say whether it is in North, South, Center, East or West. What is the population? What is the capital of this region? What major and/or interested cities are found in this region? What is the climate of the region?

  • Something about the people of this region?

  • Are there any special festival celebrated here?

  • What are 2 interesting facts about the history?

  • What is a popular sport? Explain

  • What is a traditional dish? Explain

  • What can you say about the nature?

  •  (French websites to research something specific about the region)

  •  (for maps)


  • (for vocabulary)


Step 3: Fill out the ¨fiche d'information¨ attached.

Useful vocabulary

Step 4: Create a visual presentation in the format of your choice (ibook, Googleslide, Prezi...)

Step 5: Present to the rest of the class.




Full Credit

Half Credit

No Credit

Title slide (5pts)

Front Page

Title, Name, 2 pictures, background

Title, student name

No attempt

Info & Pictures Slides (35pts)

5points per slide

More than 12 facts, fragments, more than 7 pictures

7 facts, sentences or paragraphs, 3 pictures

No attempt

Resource slide (5 pts)

Give the reference for each picture.

Only half of the pictures were given references to.

No attempt

Creativity (5points)


Transitions, special effects, Quality of pictures

Some transitions, pictures are small

No attempt

Presentation (50pts)

Speaks loudly & clearly, adds info to clarify slides, uses animation that enhances presentation

Quiet, Reads slides, animation doesn’t exist or is distracting

No attempt


I hope this project helped you discover the richness of the French culture through the research of its regions that each has so much to offer. Many times, people outside of France know about Paris and other tourist attractions but forget about the culture that the rest of the country has to offer.  It also gives students the perspective that geographic location and history can have on the foods, climate, and activities that are attached to these regions.

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French 1 is a class where students learned the basics of the French language through vocabulary and grammar acquisitions, and speaking and reading skills.  Making simple research about the regions of France add to the cultural aspect of learning a foreign language.  However, this project shows that with teacher guidance, even students at lower levels can research and present the information in the target language they are learning.  It is important to provide students with the vocabulary and sentence structures which will ease the students into speaking at their basic level.