Relatório de música


The objective of the report is to write about our experience with the different ways of playing a song and report on recording with our voice, a song that the group chose


As stated in the introduction, the activity was about a personal account of a music activity


Report on the Recording of the Song "Let Me Go"


 Last term, our musical group had the exciting opportunity to record the song "Deixe-me Ir", by Kilo. This experience proved to be incredibly enriching, as it challenged us to explore instruments we hadn't tried before, thus expanding our musical repertoire.


 We learned to play new instruments and improved our skills on others we already knew. This process not only strengthened our individual technique, but also the cohesion of the group, creating a unique synergy between members.


 However, we cannot ignore the inevitable shyness that arose when presenting the song to our classmates. The embarrassment of singing in front of them was an initial barrier, but we overcame this obstacle with the group's mutual support. This challenge provided not only musical growth, but also personal development.


Overall, the experience of recording "Let Me Go" was extraordinarily positive. Overcoming the initial shame highlighted the importance of collaboration and mutual support. We look forward to continuing to explore new music and push our musical boundaries in the future.


Carolina, Laila, Ghabriel, Marcos e Maria Antônia.

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