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Genetic Engineering (G.E) is a controversial issue in Religious Studies.  Genetic Engineering is defined as "the genetic modification of the genetic code" (Jenkins, 2002).  The Bible offers little guidance on G.E because it was never anticipated centuries ago (Williams, 2001). Genetic Engineering affect the foods we eat, human sexual activity and offers new alternatives to curing diseases.  This Web Quest has been designed to facilitate Teachers of Religious Studies at R.M. Bailey Senior High School (Bahamas).

Teachers will be asked to incorporate this Religious Studies lesson with Science as a form of integration.

This lesson is prepared for students within grades 10-12.



At the end of the lesson your students will be able to:

  1. Define the term 'genetic engineering'
  2. Outline the Roman Catholic view on Genetic Engineering and compare the views to that of other denominations.
  3. Explain why G.E is an ethical issue.

Lesson  can commence with teacher displaying a visual of a non-existing animal.  Teacher may ask, "Do you know what this animal is?"  Students may respond, "It's a squirrel-spider!".  Teacher will lead then ask students, "What is Genetic Engineering?"  After students give responses, teacher can have student watch a video on G.E.


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Teachers can have students watch the video below on the Catholic Church and their position on G. E .  Students will be asked to place their responses in the FlipGrid.


Students can download the FlipGrid app or visit ( in their cellular phones or personal computers.  Once they have downloaded the app, they must enter the flip code: thompson8488.  Students are to prepare their own videos concerning GE.  They can answer: What is your denomination's view on G.E?  How do you feel about G.E?  Do you feel there are benefits or disadvantages?

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Teachers can prepare a rubric on how students work will be evaluated.  


Needs to Improve






Defines Genetic Engineering and provides examples




Presents the Catholic view on G.E




Presents your denomination’s view on G.E including advantages and disadvantages.





Most press reports of G.E stress its incredible potential for good, mostly in terms of curing diseases.  The main issue is how far should the potential benefits of this new technology be weighed against the risk of unforeseeable side effects.  When faced with difficult issues Christians draw upon their faith.  The problem with G.E is that Church leaders like the rest of society, can hardly keep up with the advances being made.

Students will then be asked, "What did you like about today's lesson?"  and/or "Do you think G.E goes against the will of God for humanity?"


This WebQuest has been designed in partial fulfilment of EDLM 6002 at the University of the West Indies (Open Campus).  I would like to thank my Course Coordinator for assisting the students on the potentials of using the Web Quest.


Jenkins, J. (2002). Contemporary Moral Issues. United Kingdom. McMillan Press.

Williams, B. (2001) One world many issues. United Kingdom. Nelson Thomas Ltd.


All videos have been obtained from YouTube


All images have been obtained from Google

Teacher Page

The goal of this Web Quest was to provide Religious Studies teachers to assist their students with the controversial topic Genetic Engineering.  The students will have the opportunity to define the term and outline the advantages and disadvantages of G.E.

This Web Quest has been created for students in R. M. Bailey Senior High (grades 10-12).  Students will also be able to understand and use technology systems

Teachers should 

  1. Guide students through the Web Quest and render assistance where needed.
  2. Probe students where possible, providing questions that appeal to the emotion for G.E. (What do you think about cloning?)
  3. Assist students in preparing their Flip Grid.  (Teachers can download the app and demonstrate how to use this site.