Renewable and Non-renewable Resources


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Have you ever watch the flames in a campfire?

What about the heat from the flames from your stove?

Well, these are two forms of non-renewable energy. There are many forms of energy that can run out; they are known as non-renewable energy. Non-renewable energy sources can take millions of years to form, so once they are used, they can't be replaced in a lifetime. It will take millions of years to form again.

Oil, coal and natural gas are fossil fuels are types of non-renewable energy.

Have you ever felt a cool wind blowing through your hair?

Or had the sun shining on your face?

Well, that is renewable-energy it comes from natural energy! Renewable energy never runs out, it comes from nature.  Wind, water, and the sun are forms of renewable energy.


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  • First, click the Process button and move on to the Process page. Here you will Enter the video zone where you will watch a video or two.  Watch them with a friend or alone if you choose.

  • Scroll down to the Quiz Section and click on the link, take a chance and challenge your knowledge.

  • You are also welcome to play the games when you complete the quiz. You may play the game more than once, you may even invite a friend but please remember to print and turn in your final result score page.

  • The FINAL ASSESSMENT will be given on the EVALUATION page. Have fun and enjoy the WebQuest.

Assessment 1

1. Define Renewable and  NNon-RenewableEnergy Resources including specific examples of each one.

2. Create a list, 3 or 4 pros and cons for both Renewable and Non-Renewable Resources.

3. Choose at least 1 Renewable Resources or Non-Renewable Resources create a diagram that illustrates how this energy source is gathered and transformed. Your diagram should be labeled.

An example of this is:

 A) Sunlight (Solar): show how solar panels transform heat energy into electrical energy?

B) Wind: Create a diagram that shows how windmills create electricity.

4. Write a paragraph that clearly describes the diagram that you have created above. Be sure to include the pros and cons of this energy source.

Assessment 2

Recreate a scene from nature showing how the resource affects the environment.  Be creative when creating your scene. Write two paragraphs describing the scene, be sure to give a detailed description of what you created and give the pros and cons.

Assessment 3

Write a play about the resource you chose.  Be sure to create characters that have to solve a problem and come up with a realistic solution.

Assessmenlick on the link and complete the quiz. 


4 Beyond expectations— the quality of your work is high and beyond expectations.  You have gone above and beyond to complete the task. Your creativity was exceptional and you paid very close attention to detail. 
3 Meets expectation—skill was mastered to the level of expectation. You made very few mistakes that did not interfere with the meaning.
2 Almost there—skill is almost mastered but with minor problems
1 The skill is present but with errors and omissions
0 The skill is absent, you did not understand or complete the task



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I hope you enjoyed this Web Quest and will come back again, next time bring a friend. See you soon!