The Respiratory System


Welcome to "Unveiling the Wonders of Respiration," a captivating webquest designed to take you on an exploration of the incredible

world of the respiratory system. In this quest, you will delve into the anatomy, functions, and significance of respiration, gaining a

deeper understanding of how our bodies breathe and thrive.

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Your mission is to journey through various online resources and activities to gather knowledge about the respiratory system. Through

engaging tasks, you will unravel the mysteries of respiration, from its intricate mechanisms to the impact of healthy habits on respiratory

well-being. Task should be completed in pairs.


Task 1: Respiratory System Basics

Visit a reliable website or use the provided resources to understand the basic anatomy and functions of the respiratory system. Create a

labeled diagram showcasing the key components, such as the lungs, trachea, bronchi, and diaphragm. Write a short explanation of how

each part contributes to the overall function of respiration.


Task 2: Breathing in Action

Watch an educational video or animation that illustrates the mechanics of breathing. Summarize the steps involved in inhalation and

exhalation, highlighting the roles of the diaphragm and intercostal muscles. Explore how the respiratory system collaborates with other

systems in the body for optimal function.


Task 3: Gas Exchange Exploration

Research and explain the process of gas exchange in the respiratory system. Provide details on how oxygen and carbon dioxide are

exchanged in the alveoli. Discuss the importance of oxygen in cellular respiration and how carbon dioxide is expelled from the body.

Consider how a healthy respiratory system contributes to overall health.


Task 4: Respiratory Health

Investigate common respiratory disorders such as asthma, bronchitis, and pneumonia. Create a brief overview of each disorder,

including their causes, symptoms, and potential treatments. Reflect on the impact of lifestyle choices and environmental factors on

respiratory health.


Grading Criteria:

This webquest will be graded using a rubric marked out of 100 points in total. The rubric is divided into specific tasks and attributes, each contributing to the overall assessment of students' understanding of the respiratory system.

Rubric Breakdown:

  1. Task 1: Respiratory System Basics (Maximum 20 points)

    • Labeled Diagram (10 points)
    • Explanation (10 points)
  2. Task 2: Breathing in Action (Maximum 20 points)

    • Summary of Breathing Mechanics (10 points)
    • Understanding Collaboration (10 points)
  3. Task 3: Gas Exchange Exploration (Maximum 20 points)

    • Explanation of Gas Exchange Process (10 points)
    • Understanding of Importance (10 points)
  4. Task 4: Respiratory Health (Maximum 20 points)

    • Overview of Respiratory Disorders (10 points)
    • Reflection on Impact of Factors (10 points)
  5. Overall Presentation (Maximum 10 points)

    • Organization and Neatness (5 points)
    • Grammar and Spelling (5 points)

Evaluation Method:

To assess each student's performance, the rubric will be applied based on the outlined criteria. Each task and attribute will be carefully reviewed, and points will be assigned according to the levels of performance (Excellent, Proficient, Basic, Limited, Poor).


This evaluation method, using a comprehensive rubric, aims to provide detailed feedback to students and guide them in understanding the respiratory system thoroughly. The weight of each attribute reflects the importance of various aspects in showcasing their knowledge and skills. The online form will streamline the assessment process and facilitate efficient grading.



  Congratulations on completing the "Unveiling the Wonders of Respiration" webquest! Reflect on the knowledge gained about the

respiratory system and consider how maintaining a healthy respiratory system is crucial for overall well-being. Share your insights with

your classmates, fostering a deeper appreciation for the incredible mechanisms that keep us breathing and alive.


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Teacher Page

                                                                    Unveiling the Wonders of Respiration


Introduction: Welcome, educators! This web quest, "Unveiling the Wonders of Respiration," is designed for Grade 7 students to explore

the intricate details of the respiratory system. Below, you will find guidance on the purpose, objectives, and assessment of this webquest.


1. Understand the basic anatomy and functions of the respiratory system.

2. Explore the mechanics of breathing and its collaboration with other body systems.

3. Investigate the process of gas exchange and its significance in cellular respiration.

4. Examine common respiratory disorders and their impact on overall health.

5. Reflect on the importance of lifestyle choices and environmental factors in maintaining respiratory health.


1. Provide students with access to reliable online resources, videos, and interactive tools to complete each task.

2. Encourage collaboration and discussion among students, fostering a deeper understanding of the respiratory system.

3. Monitor progress during the webquest and address any questions or concerns students may have.


1. The WebQuest is designed to be marked out of 50, with each task contributing to the overall score.

2. Use the provided rubric to evaluate students' performance on tasks related to labeled diagrams, explanations, summaries, reflections, 

   and overall presentation.

3. Provide constructive feedback to guide students in improving their understanding of the respiratory system.

Tips for Success:

1. Ensure students have access to reliable resources for accurate information.

2. Encourage creativity in the presentation of diagrams and reflections.

3. Emphasize the importance of clarity in explanations and reflections.

4. Foster a positive and collaborative learning environment.

5. Use the rubric as a tool for both assessment and self-reflection.

Conclusion: Thank you for facilitating the "Unveiling the Wonders of Respiration" webquest. This engaging exploration will not only

enhance students' understanding of the respiratory system but also promote critical thinking and research skills. Feel free to adapt the

webquest based on your classroom's specific needs and objectives. Happy teaching!