Revolutionary War Battles


There were many battles fought in the revolutionary war. The battles were often long and grueling as well. In this webquest you will learn about a few of the important battles and there locations as well as what they look like now. 

The battles mentioned in this are the battle of Lexington and Concord, the battle of Bunker Hill, the battle of Trenton, and the battle of Saratoga


In this WebQuest you will learn about the Revolutionary War battlegrounds and where they are and how they are nowadays. You will also learn about the significance of the of those specific battles and how they shaped the Revolutionary war


All you need to do is read through the information in my WebQuest and read the links I put in this or the videos and that's all you need to do.  This is some basic Information in the link to website.


all you need to do is read the document and research a bit more if you have any questions


in conclusion the Revolutionary War is very important in the making of America and those four specific battles we're very important American wins in that war because ultimately the British won more battles but Americans won the more important battles