Road safety is one of the most important lessons a child will learn. Every year children suffer serious road incidents and accidents when using the roads. The number of death and road accidents occurring on the streets by pedestrians, cyclists and motorists are rising. Three things that people should remember to do is STOP, LOOK, and LISTEN. It is very important for road users to look both ways when crossing the streets and take the necessary precautions to prevent road accidents.



By the end of our quest, you will be able to:

  • Describe road safety
  • Understand and explain why you need to follow the rules of the road
  • Explain bicycle safety and the rules for driving a bicycle on the road
  • Describe pedestrian safety and differentiate between where it is unsafe or safe to cross the road
  • Explain the dangers that could occur on the road if you don't follow the traffic rules of the road

These are possible links that could assist you:

You will create:

  1. Each group will create a scenario
  2. Each group will list things to bare in mind when crossing the road based on what was depicted in the scenario
  3. Debrief using the following discussion questions:
  • Why should one stop, look, listen before crossing the road?
  • How realistic were the ideas that were presented by each group
  • Are there any other suggestions?
  • Have your parents taught you the correct way to cross a road


1.Search for a free, online E-book creator using a search engine of your choice.

2.Create an E-Book using a free application of your choice

3.Ensure that the subject is Life-skills and the Theme is Road Safety.

4.Your E-book should include the following information:

4.1 Explain to your friend how to safely cross the road                                                                  (page 1)
4.2 Explain to your friend how to practice good passenger behaviour in a vehicle                        (page 2)
4.3 Mention three dangers that could happen if you are do not follow the rules of the road.         (page 3)
4.4 Make mention of anything else that you deem important about road safety                            (page 4)
4.5 A minimum of 4 pages and a maximum of 6 pages is allowed
4.6 Use the rubric to guide you…





This rubric will be used to assess your E-book. Use it to guide you through this assessment.



5 marks


3-2 marks

Needs attention

1 mark

Name of E-book, Author's name, cover page All of the components included. One-two components omitted.  None of the components included.
Pedestrian safety (page 1) All of the components included. One-two components omitted.  None of the components included.
Passenger behaviour (page 2) All of the components included. One-two components omitted.  None of the components included.
Road Dangers (page 3) Road dangers well explained Not well described, average examples None of the components included.

Further information (page 4)

Relevant information included.

Information was vague and not well explained

No further information evident
Overall creativity/presentation Well presented and creatively executed. Average, good effort Poor creativity and overall presentation



Congratulations, you have completed your Road Safety quest! All of the students in the school will now learn from your road safety experience!

Practice Road Safety!!! By practicing you can teach others! Exercise these techniques every day when on the streets.

Don't forget to continue to teach your friends about Road Safety.