The Rock Star


Everyone around the world knows your name. People are always asking for your autographs, or asking you to be interviewed, and following you around. Why? Because you are a rock star. You are the most world renown geologist this earth has ever had. You recently discovered a new type of natural (non-alloy) metal that is stronger and lighter than any other metal on earth! You have to find what kind of metals that your new metal will be replacing and why your metal will be better suited for the future.


Do some research and find one of the most durable and strongest natural (non-alloy) metals in the world and some uses we have for it and some products it is found in. Then find one of the lightest natural (non-alloy) metals in the world and find some uses we have for it and products it is found in. With the new metal you have found you are going to be able to replace these other metals that are not as efficient and not as high in quality as your perfect metal. Type a double spaced one page summary of your findings or write one page by hand.   


Use to find some facts about these metals that your new metal will replace. Share some uses and products that these now inferior metals are used in and predict why and how your new metal will make the product better. You may use other sources but make sure you cite your sources. 




Your information is verifiable and accurate. 10-1



You used thought provoking language and ideas for your metal. 10-1



Your paper was grammatically correct, coherent, and free of punctuation and spelling errors. 10-1
  The most points possible for this project is 30   



Now that you have discovered the strongest and lightest natural metal on earth go replace them with your stronger and lighter metal. Get ready to have your name etched into history for the practical purposes that your new metal will serve. Just don't let being a rock star geologist go to your head.