Royal Tea Party




This quest is intended for students of grades 5-6. The estimated time to complete the work is 3 hours. The                                             quest format provides for both individual and group work.


                                            Do you like tea? I think so...
Do you know how this drink became national in Britain? After completing this quest, you will come to a solution and will be able to tell the others. 
The quest task is as follows: go through all the stages of the quest planned for you, answer all the questions and fill out the form. You will find the evaluation criteria on one of the quest pages. 
                                               I wish you good luck!






Step 1

At the first stage of the work, you need to collect information and answer the questions:

- What do the British people usually put into the tea?

- What do they need to organize tea time?

- Are there any special rules for a tea time party?

Use the following links and video to find the information: - all about English tea time

Step 2

Make an invitation card for your tea party. - use this link to see how to make an invitation card


Step 3

Make a poster, using all material you have already learnt. In you poster there should be:

1. Pictures

2. Information about tea in Britain

3. Invitation card to the tea party.

4. Anything you would like to add.