Running is the most basic way to move your body fast. However there are many challenges and tips for learning how to run to the best of your ability. 


When running sometimes your body can get hot and begin to sweat, having athletic clothes can be more comfortable for these situations. Protecting your feet from any hard ground, or dirt can be done with good and efficient running shoes. As you run more and more your legs, arms, and core will become stronger.


Good running technique can help reduce your risk of injury and make your runs feel less tiring and more enjoyable.

Keeping your head forward and straight, looking about 40 meters out in front of you.   Avoid looking down at your feet as this will create tension in your neck and shoulders.   Keep your jaw and neck relaxed.

Do not hunch your shoulders as this restricts breathing, allowing less oxygen to get to the muscles, instead keep your shoulders back and down.   Keep them relaxed and avoid tensing them.

Keep your hands relaxed, however do not let them flop.   Tension all the way up to the back and shoulders is caused from tight hands.

Keep your arms bent at a 90-degrees angle.   Try to swing them forward and back, instead of across your body.    The forward and back arm movement helps to propel you forward.

Lean slightly forward while running, however not from the waist but from your feet.   Leaning forward while running can help with speed, reduce heel strike and help you land on the middle of your foot.

Do not lift your knees too high or bounce up and down, but land with just a slight bend in the knee.   This will help absorb the impact of running on hard surfaces.   Your knees should be lifting forwards rather than upwards.

Aim for a mid-foot strike.   Landing on the middle of your foot is the best and safest way to land when running.   Avoid striking the ground with your heel or your forefoot first.   Your foot should land below your hips light and quietly, instead of in front of you and heavy.

Breathe deeply and rhythmically, and avoid shallow and quick breathes.   Whether you breathe through your nose or mouth that does not really matter.   Most find it best to breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth.   Try to aim for one breath for every two strides, but don't be afraid to try breathing for longer period of time.

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The most common mistakes in running are breathing to shallow and quick, leaning too far forward and backward, swinging the arms incorrectly, and looking down and sideways. All of these things can slow you down and negatively affect your running progress. 


The most common jobs and careers that involve the sport of running are being a coach for competing teams or individuals, cross country or track coach, dog walker/runner, race director, race timer, fitness trainer, any sport coach, crossfit coach and much more. Running is a great sport and activity to practice and do often for both the fitness and fun. 

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