From Sameera, Monday, 11. November 2019


Hi Dilito, How are you?


I am fine. Two weeks ago I travelled to Delhi and I had a wonderful time there.


My auntie and my cousins live in Delhi, and we went to visit them and spend Diwali with them. It was awesome!


Diwali is our most important holiday, I love it. People light candles, prepare tasty foods, and eat a lot. People also go out to buy presents and visit friends and relatives. Women dress in colourful sarees, while men wear elegant kurtas. People have parties at home and invite friends. Some people travel to their native places to visit their families.


This year, as always, we lit candles, prepared rasgulla – a delicious bengali sweet, ate a lot, and dressed in our best clothes. We watched together our favourite Hindi movie, Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham; and we spent a lovely evening at ‘Kingdom of Dreams’, an impressive amusement park in Gurgaon with theatres, restaurants, and shops. We were so excited!

We watched a theatre play named ‘Zangoora’, and then we ate at a Punjabi restaurant. It was delicious!

Resultado de imagen de kingdom of dreams

My sister Subiksha bought a beautiful kurti that she loved, and she wore it the next day, when we went sightseeing around Delhi.

Delhi is a very old city. There are very old buildings, like the “Lal Qila” (the Red Fort) and the Qutub Minar, but my favourite place is the Lodhi gardens and Chandni Chowk. People are nice, but traffic is crazy!

Resultado de imagen de lal qila

Resultado de imagen de qutub minar           

Resultado de imagen de chandni chowk

Resultado de imagen de lodhi gardens

Resultado de imagen de lodhi garden




1) Write down the following questions in your notebook and answer them


What do people usually do in Diwali?

What did Sameera and her family cook?

Who bought the Patiala kurti?

Where is Kingdom of Dreams?

What do women usually wear in Diwali?


2) Write down in your notebook all verbs in present simple and past simple.


3) Classify them in a table, matching the present and past form of the same verb, including the infinitive as well as the third person singular of the present simple (use a dictionary if necessary)

INFINITIVE                          PRESENT SIMPLE                               PAST SIMPLE

to study                                  study/studies                                                  studied


4) Find in the letter adjectives that mean:

inspiring admiration: _ _ _ _ _ _ _

full of colours: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

good-tasting: _ _ _ _ _

delightful: _ _ _ _ _ _

enthusiastic: _ _ _ _ _ _ _

agreeable: _ _ _ _