A sample Assignment webquest


In this assignment students will be expected to read through a scientific paper and come up with solution as per the required problems. Students are expected to adhere to high standards of learning and no cheating will be allowed in this particular paper.


The task assigned to you is to investigate the scientific property of sodium hydroxide and write a report on the mole concept of the sodium hydroxide solution.


1. Collect any amount of sodium from the laboratory

2. Measure 200 ml of water and add it to sodium

3. Convert the particular amount of sodium used to moles

4. Calculate the morality of the solution .

5. Provide your answer in standard units.


ability to measure solutes precisely 5 marks

submission of assignment in time  3 marks

ability to provide answer in standard units 2 marks

demonstrate good understanding of moles concept 2 marks

Total 12 marks



Please ensure that you follow all the instructions given. Sodium is highly reactive to water and may explode. Please be careful when performing the experiment.


Ability to carry the experiment with high accuracy in measurement. Will be a credit.

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