Save our earth


there is a trash everywhere in our school. how are we going to clean all of it? we need to recycle to keep oir earth clean and we can actually turn trash into artwork. how are we going to take all of the school's trash and making something beautiful for our classroom? are you up for the challenge?


students will learn what recycling and ways to help save the planet. at the end of the webquest, student will be able to understand what recyling is, how we cam clean up the earth, and how create pieces of artwork by reusing, reducing, and recycling!


1. you will read " fight waste at school" and "zippervs green tips"

2. next you will answer the following questions

a. what is recycling?

b. what does reduce mean?

c. what does reuse mean?

d. what are some ways we can recycle items?

3. next, you will visit "offices saves the planet" and explore and the different items that can be recycled.

4. after, exploring the website, you will create posters in groups for recycling bins that are placed around the school. group 1 will do plastics, group 2 will do paper, and group 3 will do cans.

5. after the bins set-up we will go reach friday and collect and sort the items.

6. next as a group decides on a craft to make out of the items.

a. earth jug planter

b. can-do-stilts

c. dog bookmark

Below is a rubric how your report will be graded
category 3 2 1 0 score
requirements student met all requirements and went above and beyond what was expected. student met all requirements. student mel only one requirement. student did not complete webquest.  
content student answered all required questions and provided from resources. student answered two out of three questions and provided examples fron resources. student answered only one question and did not provide examples. student did not answer questions.  
teamwork student worked together with group for entire assignment. student worked together with group for 75% of the assignment. student worked together with group for 50% of the assignment and did not stay on task. student did not work with group and was off task entire time.  
Grammar no spelling or mechanical errors. no more than two spelling or mechanical errors. three or four spelling and grammatical errors. five or more spelling and grammatical errors.  



congratulation! you have completed your now you know to reduce, reuse, and recycle! your job now is to continue to recycle at school and at home.


facts about recycling

how recycling works

advntages and disadvantage of recycling

recycling is important

recycling basics

why recycle

if we don't recycle?'t-recycled