Save Our Planet


Air is important for humans and other living things on Earth.  We need to do our part to help save our air and planet for future generations to enjoy.  We are on a mission at Ben Hill Elementary to find ways to keep the air clean.


(I would insert pictures here of air pollution)




As student scientist your group will be doing the following.

*1st Write four questions your group would like to research that deals with causes and effects of air pollution. 

*2nd Conduct the research.

*3rd Make a short presentation to share with your classmates



Step 1: Questions

You will come up with four questions as a group that you would like to find out more information on dealing with water pollution and the effects it has on the environment.

Step 2: Research

Conduct the research to answer your questions.  You are welcome to use the following links to help you with the research.

Step:3 Using a poster board you and your group will neatly organize the collected information on the poster.  The poster needs to include at least three pictures of air pollution.  You also need a summary of air pollution on the poster.  You will present this to the class.


Students would be handed a rubric 


The project is meant to help you have a better understanding of air pollution and the effects it has on the environment.  The goal is to find ways that you can help others reduce air pollution as well.  


Benja Luke

Robin Gibbs

Lorrie Helms