This WebQuest is all about identifying environmental issues and raising environmental awareness.

At the end of this WebQuest, students will make a brochure about the lesson.See the source image

Grade Level: Grade 7

Keywords: extinct animals, saving energy, environment, pollution, recycling


Our planet is getting sick because of pollution, cutting of trees, people not recycling, excessive use of energy sources. As a result, some animals went extinct, climate change is more noticeable, and the weather is becoming more unpredictable. Because of these we need to take actions to save our planet! Save our Mother Earth, our home.


Imagine you are the Science Class President. You are tasked by the teacher to make a brochure about climate change causes and effects and how these will affect our planet and us. This brochure should raise awareness about our goal, "Saving Mother Earth". This brochure should invite other people to take action, too! You may want to add pictures, graphs, tables, and other graphics to make your brochure engaging and fun to read. Make the brochure understandable (in layman's words).

You may want to view the attached video below to give you ideas on how to start making your brochure:


See the source image

Click the link to the video below and listen to the story. Then, make a list of the places mentioned and write the reason why they are contaminated.

British Council (n.d.). Planet Earth


Get the facts and information using the link below to get some useful data for your brochure:,helps%20to%20preserve%20natural%20resources.%20More%20items...%20



See the source image

You may need a dictionary in some words you did not know:




See the source image

With the information you have, let’s sort of the rubbish!



See the source image

Use this link to test your knowledge. Try to include some of the tips in making your brochure.





Please be guided by the following rubric:


See the source image



Click on the Google Form link below to access the evaluation form (please finish the assessment):


Congratulations! You now understand the importance of Climate change and Saving Mother Earth! You made your first ecological brochure!



Make every day Earth Day!


Help Save Mother Earth!

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by Rodolfo R. Carreon II, Iqra Development Academy at Tamparan, Lanao Del Sur.

A WebQuest is an interactive lesson where students perform various tasks through guided research to create an end result. Teachers can complete the WebQuest to learn how to develop their own WebQuest for student activities.

Teacher Introduction

 Why WebQuests?

WebQuests are a great way to keep students actively engaged.

Guided research can help students stay on track and expedite their research.

The WebQuest process includes the following:

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  • The Task describes the activity's end product.
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  • The Evaluation measures the results of the activity.
  • The Conclusion sums up the activity and encourages students to reflect on its process and results. (Starr, 2000).