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Congratulations! You have been chosen by the state of South Carolina to create a website for one of the Six Landform REGIONS of our state, the Blue Ridge, the Piedmont, the Sand Hills, the Inner Coastal Plain, the Outer Coastal Plain, and the Coastal Zone.  Remember to be creative when you develop your website!  We want everyone to visit our state and encounter our “Smiling Faces and Beautiful Places!”


 Each person should research information on of the following topics for your assigned region: climate, physical features, natural resources, and fun activities.  Once that task has been completed, you must develop a brochure.  The brochure should have text that explains each topic for the region in YOUR OWN WORDS , pictures that go along with the text, and a map. Also, you will be researching the geography location and cultural traits of the Catawba, Cherokee, and the Yemassee native Americans of South Carolina.   Each topic must include six facts in complete sentences. Your brochure must answer who, what, where, how, and why. You must site your sources.

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Below are website to help you with your research, but you are allowed to use other sites that are not listed. These are only a few to get your started on your search for information. 

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Checklist: Text that clearly states the following: climate, physical features, natural resources, and fun activities.

Grammar: Please check punctuation, spelling, and sentence structure. They will be heavily weighed.

Pictures, videos, and /or graphics to support text. Map of the location of your region.

Sources cited-( Please review the link for assistance with citing sources)


Thank you for all of your hard work!

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Example: Who, what, where, why, how 

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